Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.6) – 24 April 2019

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jul, 2019 at 2:23 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.6)

Effective: 24 April 2019


Scan ID to Find Reservations

Guests checking in on Zest Station at hotels that have ID scanning activated can now forego the manual entry of their last name and other identifying information. Instead, guests can scan their photo ID, which will then be used to identify the corresponding reservation, making the check-in process faster and more convenient. When ID scanning is active for your property, you can enable this setting by navigating to Settings > Station > Check In > Toggle on Scan ID to Find Reservations.

Once enabled, you will be able to pull up a reservation by completing ID scan at check-in.

Deposit Schedule Selections

The deposit schedule screen has been changed to make the choices and options more explicitly clear. Previously, a NULL (no value) entry in the DAYS IN ADVANCE field was interpreted as an indication to execute the rule at the time of booking, while a 0 (zero) entry would execute the rule at the time of arrival. This has now been replaced with a dropdown menu from which you can select three options for when a deposit is required: At Booking, At Arrival, and Custom.

If you choose Custom from the dropdown menu, you will be prompted to enter a value in the field NO. OF DAYS IN ADVANCE.

Please note, you will be unable to create a Deposit Request Rule that does not have a deposit due date requirement set. This means you will be unable to select Custom without entering a value in the NO. OF DAYS IN ADVANCE field.

Payment Log Added to Commissions

A payment log has been added to the Commissions summary screen, which displays all records paid by date. These records can be accessed from Financials > Commissions > PAID Tab.

This information can also be accessed from the Commissions tab of the Travel Agent Card.

Multi-Currency: Currency Changes Display on Account Invoice

Multiple currencies now display on account invoices. Previously, the “other” currency only displayed on the guest invoice (accessed via the stay card) and not the account invoice. It will now display on both.

This can be accessed from Front Desk > Accounts > Search Account > Transactions > Invoice Button > Print/Email.

Comtrol Connection for Key Interfaces  

Properties that connect to their key systems via Comtrol will now see new message data that sends information regarding the departure time of the guest to the key system. When a booking is updated with a departure time different than the hotel’s standard departure time, that data will be sent as a key creation message.

M3 Back Office Accounting System

Properties using the M3 Back Office system can now resend past files if needed. This feature can be updated from Settings > Integrations > Back Office > M3 Back Office Export.

General Interface Setup Improvements

In our ongoing efforts to make the setup and maintenance of interfaces cleaner and group all items together, we have moved mappings and other related items to a general interface setup area that eliminates the need to navigate specifically to External Mappings. This can be accessed from Settings > Integrations

Upon selecting an interface, you will see a SETTINGS tab that holds the main settings and information. Moreover, a MAPPINGS tab contains all necessary mapping for each interface. Users can also sync these data from a dedicated SYNC tab, which allows past and future data to be sent based on the interface parameters.


Turkey: New ID Field for Police Export Added

We have added a new field for the Turkish Police Export for the Turkish Personal ID number. This field is present on the guest card and can be enabled by hotel admin.

To enable: Settings > Cards > Guest Card Fields.


Group Rooming List: Print/Email Enhancements

Due to numerous requests in our user forums, we have added avatars to the print/email list that indicate whether guests are primary or accompanying. With the last release, we added accompanying guests to the Group Rooming List; however, the print/email option did not include avatars for accompanying guests. This made it seem like there were more reservations than there actually were due to difficulty differentiating reservations with accompanying guests from separate reservations. The addition of avatars clearly differentiates reservations.

In addition to this, we have made it possible to exclude Room Number, Accompanying Guests, and Room Type in the print/email options (in addition to the option to exclude Rate already present).

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