Room Status in Front Desk Dashboard vs. Housekeeping Room Status

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Room Status in Front Desk Dashboard vs. Housekeeping Room Status

Front Desk and Housekeeping are two different departments within a hotel that manage two different functions. The Front Desk is related to the guest reservation; whereas, Housekeeping is related to the guest room. Therefore, the information concerning the Room Status in these two modules is different.

The Front Desk puts emphasis on the Reservation Status of the guest (Expected Arrival, In-House, etc.) but also shows a Room Status of clean, dirty, etc. 

Housekeeping puts emphasis on the Room Status (clean, dirty, etc.) but also shows whether there is a reservation for that room. If there is a reservation, it will indicate whether the guest is expected or has already arrived.

If we go by this logic, the Front Desk dashboard will show the name of the guest with the Arrival and Departure dates, and on the right-hand side, it will show the current Reservation Status with Arrival, Departure, or In-House indicators. 


In addition to this, if the room number is assigned, it will show the room number in the appropriate color based on the Housekeeping Status. The room number will display in green if the room is CLEAN or INSPECTED, in red if the room is DIRTY, and in gray if the room is OUT OF ORDER. When the guest is In-House, the room number will appear in black with the In-House indicator.

As you can see below, room 302 is CLEAN and assigned to a guest, and the guest is an Expected Arrival. Therefore, the room displays in green with an Arrival indicator.

In the next screenshot, you can see the guest has checked in, and therefore the room number is shown in black with an In-House indicator.

In the Housekeeping module, the emphasis is on the physical Room Status. Therefore, the room number is displayed in green with the keyword CLEAN next to it. Guest name will not display, as that is not important to Housekeeping employees. However, if a guest is expected to arrive in that room, the Arrival indicator will display alongside the expected arrival time. To the right-hand side of the record, the Room Status from an occupancy perspective is displayed as VACANT

Once the guest checks into the room at the Front Desk, StayNTouch Guest Kiosk, or online via StayNTouch Guest Mobility, the status is immediately updated as per the screenshot below. Next to the Arrival indicator, the keyword IN will appear, indicating the guest has checked in. To the far right, you will not see the word VACANT anymore, and instead there will be a face icon indicating the guest has arrived and checked in. The In-House indicator will not display; however, it will appear after End of Day when the status is considered STAYOVER

Upon clicking the room number from the Housekeeping Room Status screen, you will be directed to the GUEST tab, which shows the status as ARRIVED alongside the departure time and date. Under that, you will see the face icon and guest name (both of which are pulled from the Front Desk Stay Card). Because the Room Status is In-House, a light blue square will display.

When the guest is expected to depart, the Front Desk dashboard will show the room number in black alongside the Departure indicator.

The Housekeeping module will show the room number in red, as the Room Status is now DIRTY. On the far right, you will see the face icon, indicating the guest is still In-House.

From the Room Details screen, you will see additional information about the room and guest.

Once the guest checks out, the Reservation Status will display a red block Checked-Out indicator next to the room number.

In the Housekeeping module, the room number will appear in red alongside the keyword DIRTY and the Departure indicator. The keyword OUT indicates the guest has already departed. In addition, the room will now show as VACANT.

Please note, the Room Status update between the Front Desk and Housekeeping modules is automatic and instant. When the status changes in one module, the corresponding information in the other module is updated, too.

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