Configure Commissions Settings in Stayntouch Cloud PMS

Modified on: Fri, 13 May, 2022 at 6:33 AM

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Configure Commissions Settings in Stayntouch Cloud PMS

To configure commissions settings in Stayntouch Cloud PMS, navigate to Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings > Toggle COMMISSIONS to ON.

Doing so will allow you to complete the following:

  • Calculate tax over commissions. This is for Travel Agents that need to pay VAT.
  • Calculate commissions by agent. This will allow you to set the default commission on each TA card.
  • Calculate commissions by rate. This will function the same as a TA card, but for rates. Some CRSs, for example, require you to send this for each rate.
  • Set for a new card. When toggled ON, TA cards automatically generated from here (via the interface with the channel manager/CRS) will receive the same settings by default.

Please note, the prepaid commission is not something we do yet (this would reduce the balance of an invoice before sending the bill to a Travel Agent).

Once active, the TA card will show the commissions calculated per reservation on the TA card.

The commission on the reservation itself will use the settings from the TA card, but it can be overridden on the reservation from the ADDITIONAL DETAILS section.

For example, if the rate is set to 15%, and the TA is set to 10%, the reservation for that specific rate and the TA will show the percentage as set for the rate. You can edit this rate from here as desired.

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