ID Scanning—Archival Transfer Setup

Modified on: Tue, 3 Mar, 2020 at 10:51 AM

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ID Scanning—Archival Transfer Setup

Hotels can now enable an archival transfer for scanned Guest IDs to comply with archival or other legal requirements of retention of such information. Archival transfer creates an unencrypted archive of the information selected on your Google Drive, S3 bucket by AWS, or Dropbox. Support for OneDrive cannot be provided at this time but is in evaluation.

To enable, go to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Archival Transfer. Once the Activate/Inactivate toggle is set to ON, follow the prompts. A disclaimer must be acknowledged to proceed with the transfer. Prior to activating, you should have selected a cloud storage provider.

Upon selecting and verifying Google Drive as the archival location, an Access Token populates. Select Continue to finalize archival transfer setup.

If you choose the S3 bucket as your archival transfer, you will be asked to configure an AWS Access Key ID with permission to update the AWS console and bucket creation automatically. Upon doing so, an AWS Secret Access Key is generated. As before, select Continue to finalize archival transfer setup. 

Finally, if you select Dropbox as your archival transfer, you will be asked to configure an Access Token. Upon entering an Access Token, select Continue to finalize archival transfer setup.

For further details about setting up archival transfer through Google Drive, S3, and/or Dropbox (including information about access tokens/keys) you can view their formal documentation at the links below:

As part of the archival transfer framework, you may also select types of information to be archived. With this initial release, Scanned IDs is available for selection. Other information types may be added in future releases.

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