ID Scanning—Rover PMS and Zest Web

Modified on: Fri, 8 Mar, 2019 at 4:25 PM

ID Scanning—Rover PMS and Zest Web

To complete ID scanning in Rover PMS and Zest Web, navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > ID Collection to turn on the function for your property.

From here, there will be application-specific settings for more flexibility.

Rover PMS

In Rover, you can scan ID from the following:

  • The iPad app
  • Desktop using an external document camera (the desktop feature will be released only after Sprint 112). We are using this camera: External Camera.

If ID collection is turned ON for Rover, the scan ID option will be visible in the reservation stay card.

The Scan All Guests option is an optional feature for restricting check-in if there are missing IDs for any of the guests.

On selecting the Guest ID icon, a popup will display as below:

Because there is no ID present, everything is blank.

To initiate the camera, click the scan button and capture the image of the ID.

For iPads, you don't need to select the camera, as the back camera will always capture the ID images.

When using an external camera from a desktop, you need to choose the camera for ID scanning. Once selected, this camera will be used as the default for the next scans.

IMPORTANT: If the document is a passport, you don't have to take an image of the backside of the document. If using any other form of ID, capture both the front and back of the ID.

Once the required sides are uploaded, the details will be automatically retrieved and populated in the fields as shown below.

Zest Web

If activating ID scan in Zest Web, navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > ID Collection > Zest Web.

Once activated, the guest will see instructions for enabling ID collection.

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