Rover Integrations Quick Tip: Changing Your Lightspeed Clearing Account

Modified on: Thu, 5 Mar, 2020 at 10:40 AM

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Rover Integrations Quick Tip: Changing Your Lightspeed Clearing Account

Rover’s direct connection to Lightspeed POS means that you’ll always have real-time connectivity between the two systems. So, if someone orders dinner at your hotel’s restaurant and then charges it to their room, that information will be directly posted to their account. 

But what happens when someone who makes a purchase isn’t staying at your hotel? As part of its End of Day/Night Audit process, Rover pulls data on all non-room transactions from Lightspeed and posts them directly to the house account designated on the POS Access Setup page. The individual postings will show as debits with a corresponding credit applied with a F&B payment code. 

While this process is automatic, the Clearing Account needs to be changed out on a regular basis (e.g., either monthly or quarterly). If you don't, the number of charges in your Clearing Account can start to grow rapidly, slowing down your system and limiting your database’s ability to refresh. 

Fortunately, changing the Clearing Account is pretty straightforward—and it does not involve deleting transactions! 

  • First, make sure you have access to the Lightspeed Interface Setup area. 

  • Next, go to Front Desk → Accounts and create a new account, naming it whatever you want. 

  • Rover will assign an account number to your new account. Jot this down. 

  • Next, go to Settings → Integrations → POS Integrations → Lightspeed POS.

  • On the main access setup page, enter the new account number you just wrote down in the field labeled ACCOUNT NUMBER and save. This will tell the Night Audit to post to this account as part of its daily import of transactions. 

Congratulations, you have now changed your Clearing Account! (Just remember to do it again next month!) 

Please also note that taxes do not pull directly from Lightspeed POS; rather, we add taxes directly in StayNTouch to post to the transactions that are mapped for POS products. Because of this, there are slight rounding differences in postings that come across. We recommend manually adjusting this slight variance nightly or monthly. It is usually less than a dollar each night.

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