How to Create Add-Ons and Packages in Rover

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How to Create Add-Ons and Packages in Rover

Add-ons and packages are both closely interwoven, and in order to create packages in Rover, you will need to first configure the appropriate add-ons. Below, please find the steps required to create both add-ons and packages.

Creating Add-Ons

Before you create an add-on, you will first need to make sure you have a charge code for the add-on. To create a charge code, navigate to Settings > Financials > Charge Codes > + ADD NEW. From here, you will enter a number for your charge code, a description, the charge group, the charge code type, and a tax code. Please note, tax code is optional depending on the add-on created. For example, if it's an add-on for parking, no tax is involved.

Once you have a charge code in place for your add-on, navigate to Settings > Rates > Add-Ons > + ADD NEW to create an add-on. Here, you will enter information for the name, description, charge group, charge code, amount, amount type, and post type fields. All other fields are optional.

Please note, there are three options for add-on post type, which are explained below: 
  1. There is ENTIRE STAY, which posts every night of the stay. 
  2. There is EVERY WEEK, which posts once a week.
  3. There is FIRST NIGHT, which will only post once on arrival.

You also have the option to Exclude from Rate, which will prevent the add-on from being attached to a particular rate.

Furthermore, if you wish to have the add-on sold on Zest Web or Zest Station, you must select the checkboxes for Bestseller and Reservation Only. (Please note, however, that Rate Only must be selected if you want to create a package using this add-on later.)

From there, you will need to go back to the Rover Add Ons page, select either ZEST WEB ADD ONS or ZEST STATION ADD ONS, and then you can enable add-ons from Zest Web and/or Zest Station by setting the OFFER toggle ON.

Once you have enabled the add-on for Zest Web and/or Zest Station, you will see a smart phone icon (for Zest Web) and/or an iPad icon (for Zest Station) under the UPSELL column for the add-on.

For more information about creating add-ons, see this video.

Creating Packages

Once you have created the add-on, you can move on to creating a package. The first step will be to go to Settings > Rates > Rates > + ADD NEW. To create a package, enter information for the name, rate code, description, type, charge code, based on/copy from fields. 

To attach the package to an add-on, scroll down to the ADD-ONS dropdown menu, select to Include in price or Add to price, and then turn the USE toggle ON. Please note, if you choose Include in price, the package will be included as part of the room rate; whereas, when you select Add to price, the package will be charged in addition to the room rate.

After applying these fields, select the SAVE button, and then your package is ready to use.

You can determine if your rate is built correctly by testing a new reservation, selecting your rate, and viewing the details from the dropdown.

Add-Ons Included in Packages Will Not Absorb Posting of Different Components

When offering packages, the add-ons included in the rate will not absorb the actual posting of the different components. For example, if a guest orders the actual bottle of champagne, it will be posted to the room after EOD. When you call reception to have the bottle delivered, the restaurant will post the bottle of champagne to your room, but the package will not absorb the cost. 

In effect, the guest will be charged for the champagne twice; however, because of the hotel's POS integration, the hotel will be unable to modify the duplicate charge. This means the hotel will have to go into the guest bill and post a credit to the guest bill to counteract the additional charge for the champagne. To do so, you will need to check the charge code for the package, select the Add Charge button, enter the charge code for the package, and then post the same charge as the package but a negative value. Once you have done so, the bill will show as balanced.

Pricing of Add-Ons Does Not Communicate to Your CRS

Please note, the pricing of the add-on does NOT communicate to your CRS, so you will need to separately create the rate in your CRS with the same rate code. Once you have added the rate to your CRS, you will need to add the rate in Settings > Rates > Channel Managers

After adding the rate to Channel Managers, you will need to run a resync for the rates in your CRS by navigating to Settings > Interfaces > Central Reservation Systems

Once you have done so, everything is complete.

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