Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.3) – 20 February 2019

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jul, 2019 at 2:22 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.3)

Effective: 20 February 2019


Early Check-in End Time Enforced

When defining the early check-in upsell configuration and early check-in is enabled, early check-in end time is now enforced. Absent of a user entry, standard check-in time ends early check-in time. If no standard check-in time is defined, early check-in ends at 2 PM local time.

Due Date Logic for the Auto Charge Deposit Report Has Been Updated

In the past, the Auto Charge Deposit screen was organized by theoretical due date. This could be confusing when the theoretical due date was earlier than the reservation creation. The Auto Charge Deposit screen has been changed to be organized by process date.

Invoice, Folio, & A/R Invoice Number Added to the Journal CSV Export

We have added the invoice, folio, and A/R invoice number to the Journal CSV Export. The export will now always print the invoice, folio number, or A/R invoice number based on your hotel’s settings.  

Invoice & Folio Number Added to the Invoice

Based on the settings activated by your hotel, you will now be able to view the journal with the invoice number or folio number. Invoice number and folio number cannot be shown at the same time. If the hotel is not using folio number, invoice number will print. If the hotel has folio number activated, folio number will print. 

Reservation and Guest Notes Now Display Clearly on Scheduled Reports

Reservation and guest notes on scheduled reports are now properly displayed on reports so users can view the notes clearly. Previously, notes were getting cut off when a report had multiple pages. 

Reservations By User Report Now Includes Deactivated Demographics

Previously, if a reservation had a deactivated demographic attached, it would not show on the Reservations By User Report. 

However, users can now choose to select all demographics with a filter that includes all reservations. Even if a reservation has a deactivated demographic attached, you can now opt to include these reservations on the Reservations By User Report. Please note, however, that deactivated demographics will not show in the list of demographics from which to choose when using a filter. Rather, users must select the “undefined” filter to include inactive demographics on the report.

The Demographics Button Has Been Moved Above the Individual Reservation Listings

We have moved the demographics button above the individual reservation listings. Once you choose to update the demographics data, you can now update all the reservations you have created at once.

To enable:

  • Front Desk > Create Reservation

  • Create a reservation for multiple room types

  • Continue the process until you reach the Reservation Summary screen

  • A demographics button will display above the individual reservations

  • Once this step is completed, make sure the information applies to all reservations on the reservation screen


Invoice: Labels

Due to legal requirements in select countries, we have added the ability to identify when an invoice is an information invoice, an invoice, a copy of an invoice, or a void bill. Per this requirement, we have added three fields to legal settings: (1) number of original invoices, (2) number of original emails, and (3) copy counter, which includes a print and email counter. The print and email counters can only be updated if at least one of the following three cases is true:

  • Bill is locked, and lock bill is ON

  • Bill is locked via Direct Bill payment

  • Bill is associated with a reservation, and the status of the reservation is “Checked Out”  

An information invoice will not increase the counter; counters will be null by default. Once check-out takes place, and you print/email the invoice, the counter will go to 1. Everything following that will be a copy.

To enable, please contact Customer Support.

1. Number of Original Invoices

This is where you can set the number of original invoices to print during check-out (Turkish legal requirement). 

Example: If the count is set to 2, 2 original invoices will be printed. At the time of check-out, the counter will go to null/1. Once the counter goes to 2, a copy of the invoice can be printed.

2. Number of Original Emails

If the counters are set to 0, a copy of the invoice will automatically be printed (valid for email only).

3. Copy Counter

The only purpose of this new setting is to give hotels the option to either print Copy of Invoice (this will print when copy counter is NOT selected) or Copy 1 of Invoice (or Copy 2, Copy 3, etc.) (when copy counter is selected). 

To enable the invoice labels, please contact Customer Support. 

Please note that once the original invoice is printed/emailed, it cannot be changed afterwards. Moreover, if void bill is enabled in a hotel, a void invoice label will be added to the invoice (this will not affect the original invoice). Void bill must also be enabled by Customer Support.

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