Email Confirmation for Online Check-in via Zest Web

Modified on: Fri, 2 Aug, 2019 at 1:26 PM

Email Confirmation for Online Check-in via Zest Web

If your guests or hotel staff are not receiving email confirmation for online check-in via Zest Web, you will need to navigate to Settings > Zest > Check-in and (1) make sure Email Check-in Alerts are enabled and (2) ensure that there aren't any excluded rate codes preventing your house staff or anyone else from receiving these emails (see screenshot below).

In order to send Zest Web check-in invitations to all qualifying reservations, including those where a room has not been assigned, toggle ON PRE-CHECK-IN ONLY from Settings > Zest > Check-In.

If you need to resend an email, you can click Send Check-in Email from the same page.

Upon selecting Send Check-in Email, you will see a list of qualifying guests/hotel staff whom you can search and select to Send Web Check-in Invites.

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