Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.2) – 30 January 2019

Modified on: Wed, 17 Jun, 2020 at 7:58 AM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.2)

Effective: 30 January 2019


Groups/Allotments: Change Room Type Restricted on Edit Guest Screen in Rooming List When Do Not Move Is Active on the Stay Card

When changing room type on the edit guest screen through the group or allotment rooming list, Rover will now automatically check for the “Do Not Move” toggle on the stay card. The change room type dropdown will be restricted if the “Do Not Move” toggle is active. If the “Do Not Move” toggle is inactive, the user will be able to proceed as normal with the room type change.

PMS: Card Statistics—Add Pagination to Monthly View When Reservations Are Expanded for Performance Reasons

We have now added pagination to the expanded reservations list (25 records at a time) to improve speed performance when loading all attached reservations for a particular month. 

Warning When an Occupied Room is Changed to Out of Order or Out of Service

Rover will now issue a warning when setting a room to Out of Order or Out of Service if the room is already assigned/occupied. 

When a room is set to Out of Order or Out of Service in Rooms > Room Status > Detail > Room, and the room is assigned or occupied for these dates, a popup will warn, “Please move reservation to another room. For the selected date/time room is assigned to reservation for: [Guest Name]” with the option to select a “Put Out of Order/Out of Service Anyway” button to proceed or a “Cancel” button. Once the user selects the “Put Out of Order/Out of Service Anyway” button, the room will be set to Out of Order/Out of Service for the dates entered, and the reservation will be automatically unassigned unless the guest is already in house or the reservation is set to “Do Not Move.”

When one or multiple rooms are set to Out of Order/Out of Service in Room Status, complete as follows:

  • Select Rooms > Edit > Service Status

  • From here, one or multiple rooms assigned or occupied for these dates will display a popup listing the affected rooms for this date range

  • An “Update” button at the bottom of the popup will allow the user to proceed with setting the rooms to Out of Order/Out of Service

  • A popup will also display if the request could not be completed for all rooms selected

Option to Email Log Files from iPad App

Previously, when troubleshooting issues on iOS devices, logging needed to be activated, the offending scenario reproduced, and log files collected. To more efficiently troubleshoot these devices, support no longer needs to rely on issues being recreated after activating logging for the specific device. Time-limited device logs are now always available on the device and can simply be emailed to support from the Manager Dashboard.

To enable:

  • Dashboard > Device Status

Device logs now run by default and do not need to be activated. Logs are kept for up to 5 days. When emailing log files, the current log and stored archives are sent, which makes detailed activity logs immediately available to analyze. 

Tax Exempt: Click Through Stay Card Function from Tax Exempt Report

We now offer the option to navigate to a reservation’s stay card from the tax exempt report.

To enable:

  • Reports > New Report > Tax Exempt

Once you navigate to tax exempt reports, set a date for which you have tax exempt reservations, and then select “Go to Inbox.” 

When you select the name on the report, it will take you to that reservation’s stay card.

From there, you can navigate back to the report.

Zest Web: Allow Mandatory Collection of Guest Birthday Information as Part of Check-In 

Zest Web now offers the option to enable mandatory collection of guest birthday information as part of check-in.

To enable:

  • Settings > Zest > Check In > Birthdate Collection > Toggle “Prompt for Guest’s Birthdate” and “Birthdate Is Mandatory” ON

Billing: Void Bill

We have implemented a void bill functionality to void already-issued folios. This functionality is available to accounts, groups, and guests. To activate, please contact Customer Support. 

Once enabled, you will see a void bill toggle within the guest bill screen that you can toggle ON/OFF. The void bill functionality will be displayed on each bill that has been locked and has a balance of 0.00. This tool can be used at any time; however, a bill can only be voided once. Once a bill is voided, the void button will become inactive and grayed out.

There are two potential scenarios for a void bill:

1. Void Bill

When you choose to void a bill, a new bill will be opened, and all charges from the original bill will be voided on the current business date. No changes will be made to the original bill. The void button can be used at any point in time during the guest’s stay as long as bill is locked. Void bills will have their own unique folio/invoice number, and once a bill has been voided, it will be locked, and void bill functionality will become unavailable.

2. Void and Re-Post

The void and re-post option will behave in the same way as the void bill but with the addition of a new third bill, in which the original charges are re-posted on the current business date. No reference to the void bill or original bill will be made. This new third bill will have its own unique invoice/folio number. 

Unlimited Bills on Reservations with No Performance Issues

We have now lifted the restriction of 10 bills per reservation/posting account. 

Folio Number Generated Regardless of Reservation Status

All bills in the system will now have a folio number generated when settled regardless of reservation status. Folio number is only generated for bills that have financial transactions. 

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