Configuring BAR and End Dates

Modified on: Tue, 14 Nov, 2023 at 8:37 AM

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Configuring BAR and End Dates

If you notice your hotel does not have any rates defined under the Best Available Rate (BAR) for a specific date range, you may need to check if you have any rules set that override your BAR. Sometimes, this depends on how a rate is configured with your hotel’s CRS. 

Let’s explain with an example. If an OTA creates a reservation in Stayntouch PMS for a specific date range, the hotel may be unable to create a reservation for the same dates if there are any overriding rules, and there will be no rates defined for that period for the BAR.

If you take a look at the rate code setup in the sample screenshot below, you will see the rates defined for the BAR are from November 8, 2022 through November 7, 2025.

However, as you can see from the following screenshot, the BAR will not show up in Rate Manager, because under Rate Details in ADDITIONAL DETAILS, the end date for the BAR is set to November 19, 2023. This will override Rate Details and cut off the BAR at that date.

As mentioned above, the way your rates are configured with your hotel’s CRS is important. In order for the CRS to stop making a booking, the rate must be closed in Stayntouch PMS. Once the rate is closed, Stayntouch PMS will send a CLOSED message to the CRS. Although specifying an end date in rate code setup will hide the rate in the Rate Manager and prevent hotel users from making a reservation, the end date information will not be sent to the CRS and will not prevent the CRS from making a reservation.

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