Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.9)

Modified on: Wed, 28 Nov, 2018 at 8:10 AM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.9)

Effective: 28th November 2018


Change Room Type without Rate Change/Room Assign


We have added the ability to change room type on a stay card without assigning a room or changing the rate. On the room assignment screen, users can now navigate to the dropdown and change room type without assigning a room number.


Users will select the “Change Room Type” button on the bottom right to update the stay card with the new room type. When the user decides to change the room type, the current popup will adjust without applying a rate change or adding an upgrade amount. The room type change functionality enforces the “Overbook Room Type” permission. For example, if the target room type is sold out, the room type can only be changed if the user has the permission to do so.

Auto-charge Deposit—Rerun the Auto-deposit Job

This update adds the ability to re-process the auto-charge deposit in case of failure for one, all, or some of the transactions. To enable: Financials > Auto Charge > Change status to Declined Transactions.

  • Staff can amend the due date range to include past-due deposits

  • Staff may select one, some, or all of the reservations due at present date

  • Staff are able to select only those reservations where the auto-charge process failed

  • When the reservation is re-processed, activity is logged accordingly

Commission Processing Pages Now Show Total and Commissionable Revenues in Separate Columns


This update completes a previous development where the single revenue column of the page was changed to show the more useful commissionable revenue rather than the total revenue. A second column has been added, making both pieces of information now available to the user. This can be accessed in Financials > Commissions.

Billing Information to Show Company/Travel Agent Cards with AR Numbers (Checkbox)


Users can now enable an “AR Accounts Only” checkbox within Company/Travel Agent cards. Below are the required steps to enable this checkbox:


  • Log into PMS

  • Navigate to a stay card > Bill & Charges > Billing Information

  • Select Accounts & Cards

  • Enable the checkbox “AR Accounts Only” within the Billing Information and Card Search screens

  • The result will only display cards with an existing AR number; posting accounts will not be displayed



  • Display cards with an AR number under Billing Information or Card Search

Billing: Split Backdate Charges in a Reservation and Add to Journal

We have added a feature in the guest bill and account that allows users to split charges in a reservation from the current business date or have them split from a reservation check-in. This will also be reflected in the journal. Split charge behavior is explained below:

Scenario 1:

No routing exists. The user can now add new routing (for accompanying guests on an accommodation), backdate charges, and select to split the bill by 50%. 

Below is an example reservation:


  • Arrival date of November 1 

  • Departure date of November 5

  • 1 primary guest and 1 accompanying guest

  • No routing

On November 3, the guest decides to split charges. Split routing is added, which should backdate to November 1, so that all charges are split. In the event we add a split charge on November 3 for accommodation only, the backdate split would be completed. However, if the user realizes this was not correct, and the backdate should be for all charges, they can remove the split charge billing instruction and add a new one. By removing and adding a new one, the backdate split will recalculate to November 1 based on the new charge codes.

To enable: Navigate to stay card > Add a second guest > Name accompanying guest > Select “Bill & Charges” > Select “Add Charge” (can add any charge) > Select “Billing Information” > Select “Add Routes” > Add the accompanying guest as a route > Check “Split All Charges by 50%” > Under “Charge Codes,” select the appropriate code > Click “Save Route”

Scenario 2:

Routing for accommodation exists within bill #2 for the accompanying guest and has already been posted in full for three nights. The user can edit routing and select to split the bill by 50%. Routing will continue but will be split 50% going forward.

Below is another example reservation:

  • Arrival date of November 1 

  • Departure date of November 5

  • 1 primary guest and 1 accompanying guest

  • Routing for bill #2 exists

If the guest decides to split charges on November 3, there are two possibilities:

  • The user can add a split charge to existing routing or update the routing; however, this will only be effective from the current business date.

  • The user can remove existing billing instructions and add new instructions. By removing and adding a new one, the backdate split will recalculate to November 1 based on the new billing instructions.

Please note, the name of the accompanying guest will appear in the journal in the reference line. 

Country Requirement: Invoice Number Print

This functionality allows you to choose not to print the invoice number on the guest bills if the hotel has folio number activated. 

Country Requirement: Folio Number Print 

This functionality allows you to print only the folio number on the guest bill at the time of check-out if you are using the the folio number functionality. 

Lightspeed Tips and Total Payment

An item related to Lightspeed batch transactions to clearing accounts has been addressed. Previously, when a tip was included, the total check value was not posted in Rover. The corresponding transaction on the journal in Rover showed the payment amount (minus the tip); however, on the Front Desk Account, the same transaction did reflect the tip. This has been addressed with a new feature in Rover. This feature implements a corresponding payment (credit) for all tips and ensures that the difference between credit and debit is always zero.

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