Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.7)

Modified on: Wed, 17 Oct, 2018 at 10:02 AM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.7)

Effective: 17th October 2018


Sequence Room Types

Rover will now organize room types in your desired order. You will be able to place room types in the desired sequence by drag and drop. Once room types are in sequence order, the order results will always populate as such in the following main rover windows: Rate Manager, Availability Screen, and the Room type selection screen while making a reservation.

  • Room Types in desired sequence…

  • Availability Screen

  • Rate Manager

  • Once the room type sequence is set; and a user goes into admin to sort by ROOM TYPE ascending or descending order, this will re-arrange the order in the application.
    ***This is not applicable to ROOM CODE sort, only room types.***

Country Requirements

You will now be able to make guest(s) demographics such as country and/or nationality a requirement at check-in.

Based on the setting specified, if the reservation profile lacks either of the nationality or country data, you will not be able to proceed with checking in a guest.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Reservations > Reservation settings > check boxes “Force nationality at check in” and /or "Force country at check in"

Reference Field on Tax-Exempt Report

We have added an optional reference field on the staycard (next to tax-exempt).

  • The reference field is also available on the summary/profile of a group.

  • Please note that tax-exempt MUST be turned on for the group or reservation for the reference field to show.

QuickText Interface

We have added API configuration to allow for integration with QuickText. Hotels must have a QuickText account to activate and interface with Rover PMS.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Concierge > QuickText

  • Once the interface is active, you will be able to access the interface by going to Menu > Actions > QuickText.
  • When using the QuickText option under the “Action” menu, you will be taken to the QuickText screen which will allow you to compose new text and view messages on the Rover platform.

  • QuickText also supports international numbers


Siteminder integration now supports the transfer of booking source into Rover. Sources will automatically populate versus entering sources manually.

LightSpeed – House Account Transactions

You now have the option to add payment mappings in the Lightspeed POS configuration. You will have a drop-down menu of all previous posting accounts created.

  • Once you select the posting account that are for NON ROOM charges, you will map to payment types such as cash, credit card, check, and etc.

Global Labels for TA & Company Cards

While searching for a TA or Company Card, the global label “GL” will now appear when results populate, versus clicking into details of the card. A blue “GL” notification will appear on the TA or Company Card icon.

Auto Charge Screen 

The auto charge deposit screen will show all reservations that have been charged. The report also breaks down if charges are approved or declined.

  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Financials > Auto Charge

  • The date of the report will always default to the current hotel date. Modifying the date parameter; you will only be able to search for a prior to the current hotel date. Future date search on the report is not allowed.

Commissions on Group & Allotment Tab

  • When a travel agent is attached to a Group/Allotment, you will now be able to enable commissions.
  • When the group commission is turned on, the default value will be set to the same value of the commission set in the group rate configuration.
  • Any commissions set in the group will apply to all reservations within the group rooming list.
  • Although commission will be applied to all reservations within the group, you will be able to manually toggle on/off commissions within a single reservation of the group.

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