Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.6)

Modified on: Tue, 25 Sep, 2018 at 1:23 PM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.6)

Effective: 26th September 2018


Auto Charge Deposits

We have added the ability for hotels to auto charge deposits for guest(s) with deposits required. This will only be applicable for reservations that have a credit card attached.

  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Hotel and Staff > Settings and Parameters > Auto Charge Deposit

  • When auto-charge is toggled on, Rover will automatically process the deposit during the EOD to be posted on the due date, the card on file will be auto charged.

Key Creation for Common Areas – Saflok Keys ONLY

If you are using Saflok as a key vendor, you will now have access to create keys for common room areas.

  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Interfaces > Door Lock Interface > Direct Interfaces > you will find the option to toggle on access to Common Areas at the bottom of the Door Lock / Direct Interfaces page.
  • When the common area toggle is enabled, you will have the option to enter pass level numbers; separated by (;). This is where you will enter common areas to grant access.

New Invoice Search

We have implemented a new invoice search for folio numbers within the invoice search screen.

  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Financials > Invoice Search

  • Once results are populated, you will see the company, TA, or guest profile name; along with the invoice number and current balance.

Commission Values on Stay Card

Staff can now toggle on the commission value for an in-house or due in reservation. While the commission amount can be entered manually, the post types are selected from a drop-down; the options are %, $ per night, and $ per stay.

Digital Alchemy & Revinate CRM

With Digital Alchemy & Revinate integrations, we now exchange inclusive and exclusive add-ons along with the guest birthday information.

Travel Tripper & Siteminder

For reservations in Rover that are retrieved from TravelTripper and Siteminder CRS, we have added default fields for reservations that are missing demographics and rate information.  Reservations missing rate, room type, origin of booking, or payment method will automatically default to the values selected.

  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Interfaces > Central Reservation System > Choose either Siteminder or TravelTripper CRS

  • Please note that the following default fields must have a value.

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