Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.5)

Modified on: Tue, 4 Sep, 2018 at 9:56 PM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.5)

Effective: 5th September 2018


Availability Calendar - Clickable Rooms

We have enabled the ability to click on available rooms within the availability calendar. When clicking on an available room, you will also be able to create a reservation for that available room and the chosen date.                         

        Steps to produce:  Availability Calendar toggle > Open the green "Available rooms" field > click on the room type with the available room for the desired date.

Once you select the available room type for the selected date, you will be prompted to make a reservation for that room type on the date selected.

Hide Inactive Rates                                                                                                                                

Under the ‘Status’ column, you can currently toggle rates to active or inactive. We have changed the behavior a little by adding a 'Show inactive rates’ checkbox.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > Settings > Settings > Rates
  • By default, all the inactive/expired rates will be hidden from the rate setup screen, and only if the user wishes to view inactive rates to either activate them or review them, they will select the ‘Show inactive rates’ to view all rates.

Activity Log for Company / TA Cards                                                                                                   

We have implemented an activity log for Company / TA cards.

***Please note that the activity log currently includes Rover originating changes - we are still working on the recording of the updates from our various external vendors***

  • While searching through the activity logs, you can set search parameters by date range, and a particular action to narrow down the results.

Activity log entry for Rate Resync

Previously, we introduced the resync utility for rates. We have now added the ability to track the logs when rates are being resynced.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > settings > settings > rates > select the desired rate > Rate Details > sync rate.
  • Once the rate is synced, you will see the action in the activity log of that selected rate.

  • You will also be able to narrow the results by searching a date range in the filter.

Guest Cards – Activity Logs

We have now added the ability to track activity while adding and modifying information to the guest card.

  • Steps to produce: Retrieve a guest reservation > proceed to guest card > make the desired changes > check activity log for any updated information.

Tax Exempt: Default Tax type checkbox in admin

***Please note, we have a tax-exempt report that we are currently making changes to, for more efficient usage***

Steps to Produce: Settings>Financials>Tax-exempt

The “Default Tax exempt type" box will be listed under the tax-exempt name.

  • Once a default tax is selected, this will pre-populate on stay card or group, when tax-exempt is selected
  • Only one tax-exempt type can be a default

Check Out: Option to print folio on check out message                               

We have enabled an option for users to print $0 balance folios during the check-out process versus having to re-enter into bill and charges to print a bill with a $0 balance.

  • Steps to produce: Guest reservation > Bill & Charges > Check out the reservation > Invoice > Select Bill layout > Print or email folio

Zest Station – Add/Update CC in the key pick up flow

For Zest Station users; we have added an extra verification step of having the guest(s) to enter credit card details. This applies to ALL CC swipe devices (Magtek, EMV, and Ingenico)

  • Picking up a new key:

After entering last name and room number, the next page will require the guest verify the last 4 digits of the CC used to guarantee the reservation or to add a valid CC to be able to print a key

  • When the guest swipes the CC, Rover authorizes the card for charges.
  • If authorization is approved, the guest can proceed with the key pick up
  • If authorization declines, the guest will have an option to enter a new CC or see a staff member for assistance.
  • If the guest selects the option to speak to a staff member then they will be taken back to the home screen

Zest Station – Applying Loyalty Membership to reservation during Check-in   

During the check-in process, we have added the option for guest(s) to:

  • Select a new hotel loyalty membership from the loyalty programs
  • Select from their existing memberships saved to their guest card

 The following Admin Settings must be configured: Menu > Settings> Station> Check-in> Add Loyalty Programs

  • To add a new or update membership
  • Select loyalty program, the type, and level (if applicable) then enter loyalty code

  • Once saving, data will also be saved to Rover on the guest card.
  • Logs will also be available to show that Loyalty Program/Type/Level and Number were updated via the Zest station

Commissions - Ability to change on stay card                                              

We have now added the ability to add or modify commissions on a guest stay card.

  • Please note that the commission settings will need to be adjusted on the stay card prior to the guest checking out. Activity will also be logged as commissions are changed.

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