Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.4)

Modified on: Mon, 13 Aug, 2018 at 1:29 PM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.4)

Effective: 14th August 2018


Ability to Edit and Delete Actions

It is now possible to edit the details or delete of an existing action so long as the user has administrative permissions

Tax Exempt (Adding New, Edit, and Delete)

Steps to Produce 

  1. Menu > Settings > Settings > Navigate to Financials > Tax Exempt Types > Create a new Tab Tax Exempt

  2. Name Tax exempt type has to be unique

  3. Tax Charge Codes multiselect, the same charge code can be used across multiple tax-exempt types

  4. Save

Tax Exempt Functionality – Groups

Steps to Produce

Navigate to create a new Group -> Summary tab -> Section Room Block summary

  • Select TAX Exempt checkbox / toggle

  • When selected you will also automatically see the tax-exempt ID drop down. Select the tax-exempt type as this is a mandatory field

  • Once the tax exempt is selected, all reservations associated with the group will have the tax-exempt checkbox/ toggle & the tax-exempt type populated

Tax Exempt Functionality for tax exclusive - Stay card

We have implemented Tax exempt functionality for guest bills that are indicated on the stay card.

Steps to Produce

  1. Navigate to a reservation > Expand Additional Details > Select Tax Exempt checkbox / toggle

  2. When selected you will also automatically see the tax-exempt ID drop down

  3. Tax exempt toggle will show for all reservation types (Due in/ in house/ checked out/ reserved/ etc.)

  1. Select Tax exempt and select the associated tax-exempt type.

  2. All charge codes associated with the tax-exempt type will not post

  3. The system should check if there are any charges already posted for that reservation (charges not payments)

  4. If existing charges exist display message ‘Please review already posted charges for possible exemption

  5. The users will manually need to review the charges and make necessary adjustments to the posted taxes

  6. Should a user turn off the tax-exempt toggle on a stay card, check if charges have been posted and if yes, we will display a message ‘Please review already posted charges as tax may have not been posted 

  7. Once the toggle is off, charges will post with their respective taxes

Add Deposit and AR Summary to the EOD Report

  • Users are able to send the accounts receivable and deposit summary with the EOD report process in CSV

Inactive User Filter

Administrators now have the ability to view any and all inactive users and separate them from active users

Steps to Produce

  1. Log into PMS Admin

  2. Click on “Hotel & Staff” -> “User Setup”

  3. Click on “Hide all inactive users” (only show active users)

Reg Card Contact Information

Reg card now has the ability to display contact information which displays address, city, state, country, phone number (home and mobile), and email address.

Ability to Collect Guest Address and Other Info in Zest Station

Hoteliers will now be able to add guest address details in Zest Station, same as Zest Web.

Steps to Produce

  1. Settings -> Station -> Check-In

  2. Toggle “Collect Guest Address” on

Once toggled on, guests will be able to add guest address to the reservation details during their check in via the kiosk.

Option to Show Tax Breakdown on the Guest Confirmation Letter

Hotels now able to show the total rate in the stationary/confirmation letters with or without the tax breakdown.

Steps to Produce

  1. Settings -> Hotel and Staff -> Stationary -> Confirmation/Cancellation -> Guest Confirmation -> Confirmation Email

  2. Check the “Show Tax Breakdown” checkbox under the “Display Total Cost” area

This will show a sum of inclusive and exclusive taxes in the confirmation letter.

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