Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.3)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.3)

Effective: 25 July 2018


Multiple CC Authorization Request Queue Guest(s)

This feature limits the number of times in which Rover attempts to auto check-in a guest if the credit card declines.

  • For reservations, if auto check-in fails because the CC authorization is declined, the reservation will be disabled for auto check-in after the first attempt of authorization
  • If the card is updated, the block to allow auto check-in will be removed, allowing the guest to proceed
  • Log results will also appear on the reservation with the failed attempt to authorize the guest card

Zest Station Check-in – Showing the Last 4 Digits of the CC

During the check-in flow on Zest Station, if there is a CC number already attached to the reservation, it will now show the last 4 digits of the card on the reservation details page in the bottom left corner as with checking out.

Zest Station: Last 4 Digits of CC Required During Key Pick-Up

For guest security, we have implemented an additional verification for key pick up at Zest Station.

  • When requesting a key at Zest Station, the guest will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of their credit card number
  • Steps to activate: Menu > Settings > Station > Pick up keys > Enable toggle labeled "Authenticate Credit Card"
  • Toggle should be disabled by default
  • When the "CC authentication" toggle is enabled, it will show the third page in the verification process for key pick up. Flow should therefore be: Last Name > Room Number > Enter last 4 digits of the credit card used to book the reservation.
  • When the last 4 digits of credit card on file are entered, the system should do the following checks
    a) The last name and room number on the reservation should match
    b) The reservation should be checked in
    c) The credit card numbers should match

Scenario 1

  • The guest enters the last 4 digits of credit card on file correctly
  • If verification is successful, proceed with key pick up flow

Scenario 2

  • The guest enters the credit card on file and verification is unsuccessful, the station will prompt the guest to re-enter the credit card details
  • After each unsuccessful attempt, a message will appear for the guest(s) to re-enter the last 4 digits or see the hotel staff

Scenario 3:

  • If the reservation does not have an associated credit card, after entering last name and room number, the third verification will state, "It appears there is no credit card on file for this reservation. Please see a member of our staff to assist you."

Zest Add-Ons: Email Notification for Purchased Add-on's

We have added a feature that allows any hotel staff whose email address is on the notification list to receive emails when a guest has purchased an add-on via Zest Station or Zest Web during the pre check-in or check-in process. This will allow a member of the hotel team to promptly follow up on the request.

Steps to produce: 

  • Menu > Settings > Settings > Promos & Upsells > Upsell Add-ons

  • When the toggle is enabled, a text box will be displayed allowing you to enter email addresses that will receive the email notifications
  • The add-on email notification will be triggered to the listed email addresses when both of the following are true:
    • Pre-Check-in/ Check-In using Zest Web/Zest Station is enabled
    • When a guest purchases an add-on via Zest Web or Zest Station

Borrow Functionality for Allotments

We have created a borrow functionality for allotments.

  • When trying to assign a room to an allotment reservation, and no room type availability exists, the user will be offered alternative/upgrade room types as per current functionality. If the selected room type is not part of the allotment blocked rooms, the message “Selected Room Type is not part of the Group Room Block” will display.

  • Options “Borrow from Room type (x) <newly selected room type>” or “Cancel”
    • When the user selects cancel, he will be returned to the previous screen with no action taken
    • When the user selects "Borrow," the newly selected room type will be assigned to the reservation, and it will be taken out of the hotel's availability count; however, the rate will not be updated
  • Once a rate is configured for the room type, either in the actual rate or custom rate, the grid for this room type should be editable. The user will then be allowed to add additional rooms to this room type.

  • Reservations that have been moved to this room type will keep the rate that they had from the initial room type
  • Newly added reservations will have the rate that is configured for this room type

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