Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.2)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.2)

Effective: 3 July 2018


Room Diary

We have added an option to sort hourly room data by room number.

  • This feature will alleviate why some dirty rooms are displayed at the bottom of the dairy, instead of remaining in an order list by room number
  • Steps to produce: Menu > Front Desk > Room Diary


Create Guest Data Report (Print from Guest Card)

  • This serves the right for a guest to retrieve any data from the hotel
  • Steps to Produce: Menu > Front Desk > Guest > Search for Guest > Manage Card

Zest Station

We have now added the option for hotels to prohibit cash paying reservations from going through the check-in flow on Zest Stations.

  • Steps to produce: Settings > Station > Check-in > Only Allow CC Guaranteed Reservations
  • The setting should be toggled OFF by default. If the toggle is OFF, cash reservations will be allowed to go through the check-in flow. 

Zest Station Flow

When "Only Allow CC Guaranteed Reservations" is toggled ON, after the guest enters information to find a reservation:

  • If only one reservation is found, show screen to contact a staff member
  • If multiple reservations are found, after selecting the correct reservation, show the screen to contact a staff member

AR Summary Report

We have added new fields to populate data for open balances, credits, and balances in A/R Summary Report.

This will also allow you to sort with the fields above.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > Reports > New Report > Select A/R Summary Report > Sort by preference > Show
  • Once the report is generated, you will see the results with the preferred sort column listed on top of the report


We have changed the name of this report from “Commission” to “Commission Payment Report.” We have also added the functionality to show guest information on the commission report when selecting the print option.

  • Steps to produce: Menu > Financials > Commission > Select the Commission > Print

Emailing Payment Report

  • You also now have the option of emailing a commissions payment report
  • Steps to produce: In the commission's report, select Export > Option to email will appear

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