Rover PMS: Release Notes (v4.0)

Modified on: Tue, 15 May, 2018 at 6:25 PM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v4.0)

Effective: 16th May 2018


Interactive Reports

This will allow you to navigate to a guest staycard and back and back to the report list. from Arrival, Departure, Reservations by User (and other reports that allow navigating to staycard)

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Reports > Search for the desired report that will navigate to staycard (Arrival, Departure, Reservations by Users…and other reports that allow navigating to staycard).

  • Set parameters > Show Report

  • Select guest – Once in staycard, you will have the ability to go back to the report list.

Invoice Search w/ Guest Search

We’ve enhanced the ability to search for invoices.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Financials > Invoice Search
  • This will give you the ability to search by Invoice #, guest name, account name, or balance amount.

  • Once an invoice is retrieved, you may print or email the invoice.

Repeat Guest Indicator

This feature will show a repeat guest indicator on a guest card for all guests that have at least one prior night stay. This indicator can be found in several places within Rover.

  • Dashboard Find Reservations screen

  • Staycard (Guest Details section)

  • Room Status screen where the room is occupied

  • Guest tab of Room Detail screen where the room is occupied.

  • In-house guest report, as well as Arrival & Departure, reports.

Rate Sync Utility

This will allow a property to resync rates if something is out of balance. (it only syncs from rate build to Rate manager)

What will be synced: Rates, Restrictions, and Overrides.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Hotel & Staff > Tools > Rate Sync.
  • When we do search for the rate to be synced we will not see ALL rates, once you start searching for one the matching names will display (3 characters) and then select one rate to sync.

Rate Codes & Rate Names

We’ve enhanced the ability to search for rates by rate codes.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Settings > Rates
  • You may enter the rate code in the search field and the associate rate will generate.

New Invoice Search with Accounts

We’ve enhanced the ability to search by accounts from invoice search screens.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Financials > Invoice Search
  • Enter the account name (when the desired account populates, the invoice number will also appear on the right side of search results.


Yearly tax report – You can now print and export to CSV format. 

Printing the Yearly Tax Report

  • Go to menu > reports
  • Search for “Yearly Tax Reports”
  • Select desired year and be sure to check boxes for Cards w/ Tax ID & Cards w/o Tax ID
  • After selecting “SHOW”, your report will appear with the option to print
  • Previews of the report are also available prior to confirming the final print option.

Exporting the Yearly Tax Report

Steps to produce

  • Go to Menu > Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Click “Schedule a Report" and search for Yearly Tax Report
  • Select “Yearly Tax Report”
  • Add email recipient and set parameters based on preference and proceed to create a schedule.

Exporting Journals to CSV

You can now export current journals into CSV

Steps to produce

  • Go to menu > reports
  • Select Scheduled Exports
  • Click “Schedule an Export”
  • Select Journal Export
  • Add email recipient and set parameters based on preference and proceed to create a schedule.

“Do Not Print Rate” Enhancement 

  • When “Do Not Print Rate” is selected on a guest stay card the rate will not print on the guest registration card.
  • Now, in addition to the above being true, when a company pays the guest’s deposit, the rate amount will not print as well (see sample invoice below).

Improved Pagination

We’ve introduced page numbers to the bottom of the following:

  • Stay Card > Activity Log
  • Allotment > Reservation List
  • Allotment > Search List
  • Group > Rooming List
  • Group > Search List
  • Housekeeping > Housekeeping Log Tab

Reinstate No-Show / Cancelled Group Reservations

This allows the ability to reinstate no-show or canceled group/allotment reservations. If group or allotment no-show reservation is reinstated; be sure to update group/allotment blocked/picked up count accordingly. No-show reservations will return to the current business date.

Showing In-House guests without nationality filled in

In order to not have too many undefined entries in the nationality reports required in some countries; reservations for guests with no nationality on the guest card need to be easily identifiable so users can add the nationality. To achieve this, add a filter to In-House report to show reservations with guests with no nationality only.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Reports > Search for In-House Guest Reports
  • In search parameters, be sure to select “NO NATIONALITY”

Guest Cards

We’ve enhanced this ability to remove guest cards. Ability to remove guest details

Steps to Produce

  • Open a checked-out reservation
  • Open guest card section
  • The top right portion of stay card will show a “manage card” button
  • Click the “manage card / remove” button.

  • ***Please note that the first name and last name will be replaced with the original first character of names and the remaining characters will be an asterisk. ***
  • We have also preserved the nationality and country details only. ***if the user has current or future reservations or a hotel loyalty program attached to the reservation, you will not be able to remove the details. ***


  • Updating TA after commission calculation
  • The user is now able to add/remove the TA and associated commissions during and after check-out. If EOD has already occurred, staff will need to manually calculate the commissions. If the reservation is in-house or the EOD has not run for departure reservations, the system will calculate the commissions.
  •  Travel Agent association cannot be removed from a reservation with a status that is “paid/hold”

Printing Travel Agent Commission Report

This feature will allow users to print the TA Commissions report. The printed version will have the same layout as displayed in Rover.

Steps to produce

  • Menu > Reports > Search for Travel Agent Commissions report
  • Set parameters and show results.
  • A print icon will appear in the top right corner

Terms & Conditions

This will include adding an activity log whenever a user accepts the terms and conditions during check-in, in rover, zest station, and zest web.

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