Rover PMS: Release Notes (v3.7)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v3.7)

Effective: 14 March 2018




  • For Guest Bills (and Accounts), it it possible to move a negative balance to the Accounts Receivable (AR) module via a Direct Bill Payment

  • By converting the negative balance to “credits” in the AR module, we can allocate the credit to another invoice. 

Move to AR:

  • The reservation must be linked to a Company Card/Travel Agent Card and have Direct Bill configured. 

  • At the time of checkout, choose to Pay to Direct Bill. 

Convert to Credit:

  • From the AR page, locate the amount from the Balance tab.

  • Then, choose the orange chevron arrows.

  • Select Move to Credit.

  • The balance now appears under the Unallocated tab as a credit

  • Proceed to allocate the invoice 


  • Add a new charge code to record this activity. 

  • Proceed to Settings > Financials > Charge Codes.

  • Choose + Add New.

  • Fill in the required fields. 

  • For the Charge Code Type, set to AR Manual Credit. 

  • Then, under Financials > Accounts Receivables > AR Invoice Credit Charge Code.

  • Select the charge code that you configured for this purpose. 

  • Note: You cannot change this value if any reservations are currently linked to the charge code.



  • With the release of Sprint 98, users will have the ability to “remove” or “clear” certain guest details from the Guest Card (this IS permission based). 

  • Rover will retain the reservation details, but remove specific identifiable information about the guest. 

How To Manage:

  • To begin managing Guest Cards, assign the permission Remove Guest Card to the correct user groups, from the Sidebar Menu > Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions.

  • Then, proceed to the Sidebar Menu > Front Desk > Guests.

  • Select the Guest Card. 

  • Choose the Remove Details button from the Manage Card menu. 

To Be Removed: 

  • Rover will remove the guest’s payment method on file, billing information, VIP status, contact information (email, phone number, street address, city, zip code), likes, frequent flyer details, guest notes, and the guest’s language. 

To Be Saved: 

  • Rover will retain the guest’s first name and the first initial of their last name (Example: John S****). Asterisks will replace the remaining letters of the guests’ last name. Clicking on the asterisks won’t reveal the last name.

  • The guest’s nationality and country will remain in Rover.

  • The “Remove Details” button will be disabled (that is - the button is not clickable/displays in grey) IF:

    • The reservation is associated with an active or future reservation. 

    • The user doesn’t have permission to remove guest details. 

[ + ] Instantly create a reservation that is based on the details in the Guest Card with the + New Reservation button. 

More card management options to come soon/in the future



  • Arrivals, Departure, and In-House Reports: These reports can now be run to sort by Room Type, Rate Code, and Company Card(s).
  • AR Aging Report: We’ve included a Summary, Payments, and Balances column to this report.

    • The Payments header is specifically for Unallocated payments.

    • The Balances column will match the Balances on the AR Transactions. 


The following guest-facing documents can be configured in Rover to display a specific language in “translated” text, including the:  

  • Group Confirmation Letter 

  • Group Rooming List

  • Salutation


  • Users now have the ability to update reservations from non-commissionable to commissionable. 

  • Rover will change the color of the commission text to purple when it has been edited (see example below: 10.00%).


  • Users can now expand the signature box on the Registration Card. 


  • Rainmaker Interface: Add a new message to the framework (revintel and guestrev). 
  • Revintel Interface: Rainmaker's BI tool, admin/UI changes 
  • New Integration: Basware Invoicing Service - Data Sync 
  • New Interface : EASi Backoffice - Invoices File 
  • New Integration - Baseware Invoicing Service 
  • New Interface - EASi Backoffice A/R Info File

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