Rover PMS: Release Notes (v3.4)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v3.4)

Effective: 10 January 2017



When a checked-out guest has Direct Bill (DB) set up, the following is true:

  • If the total debit is negative on the guest bill, Rover will not display the DB payment option, until the negative balance is offset by the user manually.


Improvements have been made to enable pagination numbers on the following screens:

  • Dashboard-> Search
  • Front Desk -> Accounts
  • Financials-> Accounts Receivable
  • Financials-> Journal -> Payments


Commission information will now display on the Stay Card for ALL reservations that have a travel agent card attached. Where the reservation is non-commissionable, the toggle will show as OFF. For commissionable reservations, the toggle will be ON with the respective amount / percentage. 

Both commissionable and non-commissionable reservations will continue to show on the commissions tab of the travel agent card.

From the Commissions Summary screen, we've introduce new Filter Settings, including: 

(1) A date filter. The default date range will be the hotel's business date -7 days to yesterday. This date range refers to a reservation's checkout date.

(2) A min. amount filter. This filter has been moved to a separate filter column, which allows users to check a box to include non-commissionable reservations. The non-commissionable records will display with a blank commission amount.



Snapshot: Users can now configure Rover to “reattempt” sending information to Snapshot in case of a failure (Interfaces > Snapshot).   

Lightspeed: We are building towards modifying the LightSpeed interface to post and map by product type (instead of by group). Stay tuned for future announcements regarding this development! 

Cubilis: For Cubilis messages containing the "RatePlanCode", if the word "Single" appears in the message, that means the rate is a single occupancy rate. If the "single" tag is missing from the message, than the rate allows for double occupancy.

GMS: There is a new toggle under Interfaces > Customer Relationship Management > GMS (aka Zdirect) that allows the user to choose between today's functionality (where all revenue is grouped) verses detailed revenue (which groups information at the charge code level). The message should include all charge codes related to the reservation. The message should be triggered during the End of Day process. 

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