How to Use the Action Manager

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How to Use the Action Manager

The Action Manager allows users to assign actions to individual guest reservations or group blocks. This is an ideal page if you know you need to quickly assign multiple actions to different reservations from one place, instead of having to track down each individual reservation. 

Summary: Use the Action Manager to search for a specific action and/or assign actions to departments.

What’s the difference between an action and a note? Actions allow you to notify your colleagues that a certain action needs to be taken for a reservation. Notes are more informative, while actions require some effort on the guest's behalf and can be updated with a "completed" status once the action is done. 

With the Actions Manager, you can specify the responsible department as well as the date and time when the action needs to be completed. 

When actions are attached to a reservation, a "notification" appears on various screens including the guest’s Stay Card page, the Summary tab (for group blocks), and in the Action Manager Report.

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Step 1. Individual or Group?

  • Navigate to Actions > Actions Manager

  • Note in the bottom left hand corner the two icons. 

  • The single person icon represents an individual reservation, while the three-circle Venn Diagram represents a group block. 

  • You will need to first select one of these icons, which will indicate to Rover if you will be assigning an action to either an individual reservation or a group block. 

Assign an Action to an Individual Reservation: See how the Actions Manager displays the field for "Guest Name or Room." 

Assign an Action to a Group Block: See how the Actions Manager displays the field for "Group Name." 

Step 2. Locate Reservation (Or Group Block) 

  • In this example, we will be assigning an action to an individual reservation

    • However, you would follow the same steps when assigning an action to a group block.  

  • First, locate the top search bar beneath the label "Guest Name or Room."

  • Enter the name of the reservation (or group block) you have in mind. 

  • If Rover retrieves multiples matches, click the correct reservation.

Step 3. Assign a Department (optional)

  • Next, select a department that you would like to assign the action to.

  • While this step is optional, we recommend assigning actions to departments to avoid confusion as to who is responsible for ensuring the action is met.

  • If you have not yet created departments, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Departments > + Add New.

Step 4. Include Action Details

  • Finally, include the remaining details of the action.

  • This includes the date due, time due, and any notes that will accompany the action.

  • Lastly, choose the Post Action button.

Step 5. Actions on the Stay Card

  • You can find an action "log" on the guest’s Stay Card (see screenshot below).

  • Click the Actions button on the Stay Card to reveal the details of each action assigned.

Note: Locating Actions on a Group

  • To locate an action assigned to a group block, navigate to the Group.
  • Remain on the Summary tab. 
  • Click the Actions button. 
  • This will reveal the actions pop-up window, which details the action.  


Step 1. Match the Action to a Date 

  • Navigate to Actions > Actions Manager. 

  • Rover will ONLY retrieve actions for the date you specify with the calendar icon. 

  • For this reason, it’s important that you make sure you have the correct date selected. 

  • It may be necessary to click through and view multiple dates to locate a particular action (if you are not sure what date the action is assigned).

Step 2. Search Bar

  • Prompt a search by typing a description of the action in the space provided. 

  • Remember that Rover only searches based on the date selected

If an actions is overdue, a note will appear below the "hand" icon.

Step 3. Update the Action’s Status 

  • Choose to Edit the action to re-assign it to a new department.

  • Select Complete to mark the action as "done."

  • Or choose to Delete the action to erase the action.


Stay Card

  • You can update an action as "done" from the Action Manager, the Stay Card (for individual reservations), or the group block’s summary tab. 
  • Choose the Complete tab. 
  • Rover will automatically display a "completed" note on the action. 
  • This note includes the completed time and date. 

If an action is completed on the Stay Card, the fields will be disabled for changes. No further changes can be made.

From the Group Block space, choose the Actions button.

Proceed to select Complete to mark the action as "done."

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