How to Refund a Payment from Accounts Receivable

Modified on: Tue, 9 Apr, 2019 at 8:23 AM

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How to Refund a Payment from Accounts Receivable

This guide explains how to refund a payment from the A/R Transactions tab. Refunds can only be processed for the full amount. Rover does not support partial refunds from the Accounts Receivable page. 


Step 1. Open the A/R Transactions Tab

Option 1.

  • Navigate to the Accounts Receivable module (Sidebar Menu > Financials > Accounts Receivable).
  • Locate the Company Card or Travel Agent Card you wish to manage.
  • Select the A/R Transactions tab. 

Option 2.

  • Or if you have a Company Card/Travel Agent Card already open, select the A/R Transactions tab. 

Step 2. Click the Refund Button

  •  Click the Refund Button. 

Step 3. Refund an Unallocated Payment  

  • The refund button allows you to refund unallocated payments. 
  • Select a refund button to begin 

Step 4. Select Refund 

  • Click the Refund button.

Step 5. Refund Accepted Message  

  • A 'refund accepted' message will display with the message: AMOUNT PAID!.  

Step 6. Track the Refund 

  • The refund will appear on the Journal under the A/R Balance (also referred to as the A/R Ledger).

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