How to Post a Payment/Allocate Funds

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How to Post a Payment/Allocate Funds 
from the Accounts Receivables Page 

This guide explains how to post a payment in the Accounts Receivable (A/R) module and how to allocate that payment to an invoice. 

*The Company Card/Travel Agent Card MUST have an A/R number assigned or the A/R Transactions tab will not appear for selection. 


Step 1. Open the A/R Transactions Tab

Option 1.

  • Navigate to the Accounts Receivable module (Sidebar Menu > Financials > Accounts Receivable).
  • Locate the Company Card or Travel Agent Card you wish to manage.
  • Select the A/R Transactions tab. 

Option 2.

  • Or if you have a Company Card/Travel Agent Card already open, select the A/R Transactions tab. 

Step 2. Add Payment 

  • Select the Add Payment button.

Step 3. Submit Payment 

  • Use the dropdown menu to choose a payment type.
  • Enter a value in the amount field (Rover will reject negative values). 
  • (Optional) Include a reference note.
  • Check the box beside Allocate Payment After Posting if you know where you'd like to allocate the funds (outlined in Step 4).
    • Note: If you do not wish to allocate the payment after posting, then Rover will store the payment under the Unallocated tab (where it can be allocated in the future).    
  • Then, select Make Payment.

Step 4. The Balance Tab 

  • Next, Rover will auto navigate to the Balance tab.
  • Your payment will appear at the bottom of the Balance tab. 

Step 5. Manage the Payment 

  • Next, Rover will auto navigate to the Balance tab.
  • Select the invoice to which you'd like to apply the payment. 
  • You can select multiple invoices at once. 

Step 6. Choose Pay Selected. 

  • Review and verify the amount you want to pay in the 'editable' field (i.e. the amount in the red box below) on the invoice(s) you have selected.
  • Choose Pay Selected.


  • This 'editable' field can be adjusted to reflect how much money you'd like to apply to each invoice.  
  • You CANNOT allocate a total payments for an amount that exceeds the value you entered when submitting payment (refer to step 3). 
  • For example, in step 3, we entered $670.19. As a result, we would NOT be able to choose the Pay Selected button until the value on the invoice matches (or was less than) $670.19. 

Select Multiple Invoices: 

  • The screenshot below demonstrates this example, however the payment has been applied to two invoices. 
  • Because when added together (300.08 + 370.11) the two values equal $670.19 (and do not exceed this amount), we are able to choose the Pay Selected button. 

Step 7. The Paid Bill Tab

  • Once an invoice's amount has been paid in full, the invoice will appear under the Paid Bill tab. 
  • In the example below, the invoice's original balance of $350.10 has been 100% paid off, which is why a $0.00 note appears on the invoice now. 

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