When Does Rover PMS Release Authorizations?

Modified on: Wed, 15 Jan, 2020 at 12:19 PM

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When Does Rover PMS Release Authorizations? 

Authorizations are automatically released once checkout is complete in Rover PMS. If the guest wishes to use a different credit card/switch the credit card they are using to cover an authorization, then Rover will release the hold on the original card and transfer the authorization to the new card. 

Release(s) are recorded in the Activity Log. The Activity Log only shows the authorization release when the payment has changed. When a reservation is cancelled, the system does not automatically release the authorization.

We would like to point out that once an authorization is released, that payment message will be sent to 3C/MLI. From there, the payment will be handled by the payment processor. The timing of the release will vary based on the payment processor. Contact your payment processor for more details. 

Note: This information is true for 3C and MLI. 


Step 1. 

  • In Rover, navigate to the reservation's Stay Card. 
  • Choose the CC AUTH button where the Payment Method is stored on the card. 

Step 2. 

  • Release the current authorization. 

Step 3. 

  • Confirm Release. 

Step 4. 

  • Now +ADD the new credit card. 

Step 5. 

  • Include new card details (or you can use an existing card if one is on file). 

Step 6. 

  • Choose CC AUTH again. 

Step 7. 

  • Enter the new amount to authorize.
  • Choose Authorize

Step 8. 

  • Close when the authorization is complete. 

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