Troubleshooting Interfaces

Modified on: Fri, 5 Mar, 2021 at 3:54 AM

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Troubleshooting Interfaces


If there is a disruption in service between StayNTouch Cloud PMS and the CRS, will the reservations that did not flow down into the PMS automatically flow down once the problem is fixed?


Many of our vendors have a queue mechanism that would store unsent messages, and then send them once we fixed the issue (which was resolved on Friday). 

For vendors who do not have this mechanism, the reservations will need to be pushed again by the vendor. Do this for the time range where we were unable to accept reservations (Friday, October 27, 2017, from approximately 2am to 4pm EST). Your IT Specialist should be able to assist with this. 

There is an additional workaround where you can (1) manually create the reservations in StayNTouch Cloud PMS, (2) indicate the CRS, and (3) enter the external reference number from the Stay Card. 


For Example: 

(1) After creating the reservation (Sidebar Menu > Front Desk > Create Reservation), locate the External References section on the Stay Card:



(2) Select the CRS from the dropdown menu and enter the reference number: 


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