Set Up a Hotel Loyalty Program

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Set Up a Hotel Loyalty Program

By setting up a hotel loyalty program (or frequent flyer program), your property can create and associate membership numbers to Guest Cards. In addition, your property can offer member specific rates (recommend rates) during the reservation creation process. Please note that this will NOT track stay data. 

Learn how to configure hotel loyalty programs in Stayntouch PMS below.


Step 1.

  • Navigate to Settings > Guest Cards > Hotel Loyalty Programs
  • You can also replicate these steps to setup a Frequent Flyer Program

Step 2.

  • Click +Add New.
  • Enter the following:
    • Name: Give the program a name. 
    • Code: Assign a code to the program. (Must be unique for internal tracking purposes.)
    • Levels (optional): Assign a level to create a hierarchy for your program. You can assign more than one level to a program. 
  • Save Changes.

Step 3. 

  • Make sure the toggle in the upper right hand corner of the frame is ON, as well.
  • Ensure that the program itself is set to ON.

Step 4. 

  • Next, create a rate and toggle ON the Member Rate setting. 
  • Make sure to select the SAVE button. 
  • Detailed rate creation instructions are available here

Step 5.

  • With your loyalty program all set up in Stayntouch PMS, you can now create a reservation and link it to the member rate. 
  • Create the reservation from the Sidebar Menu > Front Desk > Create Reservation.
  • Select the Member box.
  • A dropdown will appear; choose the correct option from the dropdown menu.

Step 6. 

  • Recommended rates will appear for you to choose.


Step 7. 

  • Note that the loyalty program will appear in the Stay Card header.


  • You have the option to turn on the VIP status if you'd like to ensure that other users take note of this fact. 
  • Additionally, from the Guest Card, you can choose to add a Hotel Loyalty Program (like in the example below). 
  • With the Guest Card open, choose Loyalty.
  • Select the +New Hotel Loyalty Program.


  • Stayntouch has an integration with Stash Rewards for collation of Guest Stay Data. There is an export in Stayntouch PMS called the Stash Rewards Membership Export. This export includes information for all checked out guests along with membership information for Hotel Loyalty members. Contact Stash if integration is required. 
  • The Hotel Loyalty Program will also show up in the Future and Past Reservation Exports under the columns Membership_Type and Membership_Number.

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