CRS & External Mapping

Modified on: Wed, 30 Jan, 2019 at 1:36 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

CRS & External Mapping 

External mapping is the process of defining certain interface specific values in Rover PMS. These values can include, but are not limited to, charge codes, market codes, add-ons, source codes, etc. Mapping ensures that Rover PMS can "read" or "translate" messages as they are sent/received between our PMS and an interface. 

For example, Rover PMS receives a reservation with a market code that has not been mapped in our system. As a result, our PMS will either display (1) incorrect information or (2) blank information on the reservation. 

To summarize: If a code/value is not mapped in our system, the PMS will fail to recognize unmapped information.  


Note: In this example, we demonstrate an external mapping in TravelTripper OTA. Mapping in your interface may be slightly different

Step 1. Access External Mapping 

  • Under Settings > Interfaces > External Mappings, locate the interface you need to map. 
  • Select the interface. 

Step 2. Choose + Add New 

  • From the Interface's sub-section, choose + Add New. 

Step 3. Add Your Mapping

  • Enter enter information based on the prompts you see: 
    • Mapping Type: Make a selection from the dropdown menu. 
    • SNT Value: Choose (or enter) a value. 
      • This is the Rover value. 
      • SNT = StayNTouch
    • External Value: This should be a value/code the interface uses. 
      • This is interface specific. 
  • Click Save New Mapping.

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