How to Run a Resync

Modified on: Fri, 5 Mar, 2021 at 3:38 AM

Applies to:       StayNTouch Cloud PMS    StayNTouch PMS Overlay

How to Run a Resync

With the Sync button, a user can perform a full refresh and force synchronization between StayNTouch Cloud PMS and the CRS, ensuring all inventory, rate, and restriction information is delivered to the CRS from StayNTouch Cloud PMS. Learn how to run a full refresh by following the instructions below or contact a member of our support team for assistance. 

Please note, you may run a full refresh as long as:

  • The CRS is activated. 
  • Rates have been configured in the Channel Manager (recommended).


Step 1. Locate Interface Settings in StayNTouch Cloud PMS

  • From the Sidebar Menu icon, click Settings

Step 2. Open Central Reservation System

  • From the menu, select Interfaces and then Central Reservation System.

Step 3. Select TravelClick

  • Then, choose the Central Reservation System you need to refresh. 

Step 4. Toggle On Activation

1. Make sure the Activate/Inactivate button is ON.

                    - Only when the toggle is set to ON, will the Sync button appear.

                    - The setting is ON when it is right-facing and displays in green. 

2. Check the box beside the items you'd like to refresh (rates, inventory, reservations, etc.).

3. Enter a date range to instruct StayNTouch Cloud PMS when to run the refresh/resync. 

- You'll need to enter a start date and end date for the range.

4. Simply click the Sync button to prompt StayNTouch Cloud PMS to begin synchronization.

Step 5. Success!

  • When a full refresh has successfully initiated, a notification will appear in StayNTouch Cloud PMS (see below).

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