Release Notes: Rover PMS (v2.8)

Modified on: Mon, 28 Aug, 2017 at 10:05 AM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v2.8)

Effective: 30 August 2017



AR Permissions

  • New Permission  

    • We’ve added a new permission to Rover: Create AR Account 

    • Parameters: As a result of this permission, only users with the Create AR Account permission can create or edit AR Accounts in Rover. 

    • Newly created or edited AR Accounts will be recorded in the Activity Log.

    • The following user groups will automatically have this permission assigned to them: 

      • Hotel Admin

      • Hotel Supervisor 

      • Accounting Staff 

  • Permission Parameters: 
    • With the permission, the Rover user will be able to:

      • Create and edit AR Accounts from the Account Receivable page.

      • Assign AR Accounts to reservations (which occurs on a Company Card or Travel Agent Card).

    • Without this permission, the user will need to do one of the following: 

  1. Select a different payment method for the guest at the time of checkout. 
  2. Checkout the guest with an open balance (reservations can only be checked out with an open balance if the business date matches the reservation’s departure date). 
  3. Ask a supervisor (who has the Create AR Account permission) to set up an AR Account with direct bill. 



Visma Accounting Software:

  • Users will notice a new addition to the Interfaces section in Rover (Settings > Interfaces > Back Office).

  • Additional work is required before this interface is available for use with Rover; updates will appear in subsequent release notes.  

  • For the interface VISMA, we began the initial interface work by setting up exports that will send send data from Rover to Visma. 

  • The data is packaged into three different files types: R (Revenue), C (Customer), and S (Statistics).

    • The export to VISMA should be delivered as part of End of Day (EOD) process under the “Processing Accounting Exports” process. 

    • The process should also be logged and JSON messages sent to VISMA stored and captured in interface monitor. 

    • Finally, user will have the ability to re-trigger the export in case it fails during the End of Day process. 

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