Release Notes: Rover PMS (v2.5)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v2.5)

Effective: 6 July 2017

Please take a moment to review the notes below. Some significant changes that came about this release impact contract rates, rate codes, commissions, and reinstating no show reservations



  • NEW: The end date for a contract rate cannot exceed the parent rate’s end date. (In Rover, contracted rates are created from parent (base) rates. Contract rate creation occurs on the Travel Agent / Company Card.) 
  • An error message will display if the user attempts to select an end date that falls outside of the parent rate’s schedule.


  • Rate codes are now mandatory when creating rates in Rover. 

  • When setting up a rate, a Rover-user can enter a code in the space labeled Rate Code (Settings > Rates > Rates > Rate Details). 

  • However, if a user forgets to include a code, Rover will auto-populate a code. This rate code will mirror the name assigned to the rate.  

  • If the Rate Code field was left blank prior to this change, users can return to the Rate Details section and update the Rate Code.  

  • If a user attempts to create a contract rate, and the parent rate has not been assigned a rate code, an error message will appear, prompting the user to update the Rate Code for the parent rate. 


  • Set for New Card is a checkbox that can be turned ON or OFF under Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings
  • When ON (box is checked), newly created Travel Agent Cards will inherit the Commissions by Agent setting specified in the surrounding section. 
  • When OFF (box is unchecked), new Travel Agent Cards will not inherit the Commissions by Agent setting. Rover-users can manually turn on/configure commissions from the Travel Agent Card when necessary. 
    • NOTE: If Set for New Card is turned OFF (after having been ON for some time), the existing Travel Agent cards will maintain their original commissions settings. However, any new cards will behave independently of these commission settings. 

  • The Set for New Card setting will apply to all Travel Agent Cards, including those created in Rover, delivered via API, or received from an interface. 


  • Individual no show reservations can now be reinstated from the Stay Card (see screenshot below). 

  • The reinstate button will appear on the Stay Card up until the guest’s departure date.  

  • The new arrival date for the reservation will be the date on which the reservation is reinstated. 

  • The arrival date recorded in Rover’s reports will be the date the reservation was reinstated. 

  • Reinstating a reservation will be recorded in the Activity Log


  • No show reservations can ONLY be reinstated before the reservation's departure date

  • Reinstate is not available for reservations belonging to a group/allotment.

  • If reinstating a no show reservation results in overbooking the house, a message will appear prompting the Rover-user to Confirm Overbooking

  • Overbooking the house is a permission based action: Overbook House.


  • The ability to offer add ons during the Zest Web / Zest Station check-in flow can be configured for your property; however, there are several steps that need to be addressed before add ons can be introduced to the check-in flow.
  • If you'd like to contact our team to request assistance with configuring this functionality, please submit a support request via our Helpdesk portal. A StayNTouch team member will contact you to discuss the estimated timeline for this project and outline what we need from your property to get started.



Windsurfer: Disable Legacy Toggle

  • We've introduced the Disable Legacy toggle to ensures that some sites can “go live” with Windsurfer, while acting independently of other sites. Because the time it takes for the property’s legacy interface to transition to a new, two-way interface will vary, this toggle should remain in the OFF (grey/disabled) position - unless otherwise activated by a StayNTouch installer. If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket via our Helpdesk portal



Snapshot: Name on Reservation Appears as Anonymous

  • Now when running a Snapshot export (full and incremental), the name assigned to the guest’s reservation (first name/last name) will display the word ‘anonymous’.


Historical Sync Added for Cendyn and Digital Alchemy

  • Both Cendyn and Digital Alchemy have a historical sync (similar to other interfaces) via an API call that will send older reservation data from the PMS to the CRM.


Cendyn (Additional Messages Supported) 

  • In addition to the information we were previously sending in the OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message, Cendyn is now asking that we add a few more elements to the message, including: source of business, market code, deposit amount, deposit status, and notes from the Stay Card and Guest Card.


Windsurfer: Rover Sending Group Details 

  • Group/group block messages are now shared between Windsurfer (facilitated under IFC) and Rover.


ZDirect: Receive and Update Guest Profiles (2-Way Interface) 

  • The 2-way interface between Rover and ZDirect (GMS) now supports messages regarding profile updates. Some of the newer messages now supported include: source of business, market code, rate plane, and notes on the Stay Card.


iHotelier: Restrictions Messages 

  • We’re improved how Rover handles restriction messaging with iHotelier (TravelClick). Restrictions are set in Rover's Rate Manager. The messages we send now are much more condensed and easier to process. 

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