Check On Your Support Request

Modified on: Fri, 15 Mar, 2019 at 3:50 PM

Applies to:       Rover PMS    Rover Overlay

Check on Your Support Request

After you’ve submitted a support request or "ticket" to Helpdesk, you can review the status of the ticket, check for replies, or add your own responses. 

Locate a Support Request

  1. After submitting a support request, check your inbox for an email from Helpdesk. 
  2. You will receive an email from Helpdesk containing your assigned ticket number
  3. Login to the Helpdesk portal here:
  4. Select Check Ticket Status.

  5. Use the search bar to locate the support request by the assigned ticket number. Or begin typing to prompt a keyword search. 

  6. A list of your open tickets will appear on the main page. 
  7. You may choose to search by Open/Pending or Closed/Resolved tickets. Or sort through a list of tickets with the dropdown menu. 

  8. The purple export button allows you to export a list of tickets.

Review Your Support Request in Helpdesk 

Step 1. Check Your Email/Locate Assigned Ticket Number

Step 2. Login to Helpdesk 

Step 3. Select Check Ticket Status 

Step 3. Review Pending Tickets 

Step 4. Respond to a Ticket 

Step 5. Include/Remove Emails in the Conversation 

Step 6. Close a Ticket 

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