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Zest guest details for 2nd guest mandatory

Dear Team 

Hotel Aves is working with Feratel "Meldewesen" the data of the guests is transferred at check in and the guests receive a guest card for the region. In order to receive this card we need Firstname, Lastname and Birthday for every guest in the hotel. 

So it would be great if we could put those fields mandatory at check in from the kiosk. 

Thanks for considering. 


Forum User
Forum User

Dear Team,

we have the same situation here in Burgenland as well. We have to report ALL guests to Feratel regarding local tax. There for we need  first name, last name, birthdate and nationality  mandatory for web checkin, pre checkin and kiosk app.

Please update this feature!! As the guests have to do it the old way at the moment, filling out blank registration forms.

Many thanks,


SNT Team

Thank you for the feedback - we are currently reviewing what can be done to enable this.

Product Team

SNT Team

This is WIP and will be available in one of the next releases. Thanks for the input!

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