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Add Override Permission to ID Scan Function

Add permission for agents to override the id scan.  We have been paying for the ID Scan feature for a while now but have not turned it on as we have been waiting for the override to be addressed.

Instance of where we would override would be our crew rooms - we do not need their IDs in our system - or a regular guest we want to check in ahead of time.  

Now the only way to get by is to have the the function disabled.

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Please consider rushing this.  With the epidemic we, as with many hotels have been forced to lower rates and the lower rates have attracted some less than desirable business.

Having the ability to scan their IDs now is even more important than before.  But the team needs to be able to override the feature for manual check-ins of no shows and other LNR guests as mentioned previously.

We would really appreciate this feature sooner than later.

SNT Team

Hi Johnathan,

we understand that this is important for you. Our product team is currently reviewing the requirement for possible implementation. Will keep you posted,

SNT Product Team

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Any progress on this?

Its a great function I would love to get this in use but need the override ability for desk clerks

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This is really important - it would be nice to have some feedback from the product team on this.  I have brought this up before and in person when I visited the SNT office along with my visit to the booth at the HX show.  I emailed Priya last March (2019) on this and I keep being told that it will be presented to the product team and nothing comes of it.  Now I've paid over a year for a function I don't use yet as it doesn't make sense with the amount of crew rooms I get - my desk team would have to have access to settings to turn it off and on - not a good practice - override would simply fix this and we could then use the ID scan ( and we cannot wait to use it for many reasons ! )  

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Good Afternoon,

  I wanted to take a moment to better understand your particular use case. This will help better inform how we could potentially provide a solution. Do you see this as a guest facing solution (i.e. they are presented with a bypass capability )or do you see it being driven through some assoaciated logic ( market code etc.). Can you elabotare a bit more along those lines?

Thanks and Regards,

James Rader 

Product Manager / StayNTouch

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Hi James, 

in my particular case: 

Check In by FO Agent

- Option for manual Bypass of the ID scan procedure if needed, maybe (respective rights assigned to the FO Agent required) 

- a returning guest or VIP guest - where this procedure is not necessary  or you want to speed up the check-in due some reasons.

Thank you and best regards,


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Check in by the Front Desk - same as Konstantins 

At this time we still use two computer terminals at the desk.  The clerks check the guests in. We will transition to zest station eventually but never the less this function should be available regardless.  Lets say sale team wants to pre-check in a VIP and deliver them their keys, they cannot because it requires a scan of the ID.   We have a lot of airline crew - we do not ask them for ID - we already know who they are.  Also regular guests - why ask every-time they check in?

It seems like the solution would be a permission that needs to be granted to override the scan.  I see what you are saying for the front guest facing - we would still want everyone using the zest station to scan - just allow the hotel employees the override permission when logged in.  

I hope this makes sense

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I find it very important to have a way to skip the ID scan if necessary. For example, if the guest has the ID in his suitcase or car - you should still be able to check it in.

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We have kiosks on property and 30% of the time the ID wont scan and we then have to manually check the guest in which aggravates them because they at least tried to scan 3x already, to be manually checked in anyway by a front desk agent. It will be nice if at the kiosk, the front desk agent can just override ID scan by entering maybe their personal pin code or something like that. Just like how it is at the grocery stores when you're doing self check out and an item wont scan, someone else just comes and bypasses the system.

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