Occupancy calculation on ALL REPORTS and the AVAILABILITY GRID

eg: Comparison Report: 

Occupancy is calculated as rooms occupied / total rooms (available + OOO).

Please can you include another row on the Comparison report for Occupancy % Excluding OOO. 


Occupancy %:  74 occupied rooms / (143 available + 74 OOO) total rooms = 42.53% occupancy.

Occupancy % Less OOO: 74 occupied rooms / 143 available rooms = 51.75% occupancy.

There are numerous requests for this.

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Hotel Van Belle wholeheartedly supports this request.

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yes, please. this would be great.

SNT Team

Hotel Covington would also like to have the ability to see occupancy percentage with OOO rooms excluded. 

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We agree here that report like "business on the books" should contain more options.

STR Standard would be:
occ not respecting OOO BUT deducting house use

SNT Team

Nuvo Suites really needs this as a feature as well. They have inventory that fluctuates between residencies and hotel rooms based on seasons. When inventory is part of residencies they set the rooms in OOO in PMS and really need to be able to see occupancy totals that exclude OOO rooms. 

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We would appreciate this as well!
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We would very much like this feature as there any update on this?

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Any update on this?

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+1 for Quest Hotel Tagaytay 

SNT Team

Hi Julia, 

The thought was to have both occupancy calculations reported at the same time - not removing the 'real' occupancy calculation :)



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We would appreciate this, but would like it to be an option when running the reports rather than a full change.
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