UPDATE: Release 3.0

 new code version will be available on October 18th 2017. Please read more by accessing the release notes for Rover Standalone or Rover Overlay


The following bugs were also addressed in this release:

  • Payment type credit card has a linked reservation type that needs unlinking (44540).
  • Zest Station going out of order overnight (44239).
  • Zest Web: Room key delivery email gets sent twice (40575).
  • NewRelic: NoMethodError, Api: NotificationsController#log_batch_request (45591).
  • Room Assignments: OOO Rooms displayed with error (43135).
  • Pro-forma text / adjust spacing (45419).
  • NameError: Guest::ReservationsController#checkout (45597).
  • UI does not handle multiple guests on a reservation (44874).
  • Overlay: Scrolling the scan is too difficult and takes a long time because of that (45823).
  • Guest ID Scan: Sometimes scans to Full Name and sometimes to Last Name / First Name (45821).
  • Getting terminal id error when downloading mobile key for room starting with the number “0” (45253).
  • Zest: The departure time should record the late checkout (44441).
  • Zest: Invalid date during guest matching (43879).
  • Zest: Exception in Property Home Screen (45533).
  • Zest: Unable to sign up a new user (45564).
  • CMS: Cannot turn off checkin (45588).
  • Newrelic: NoMethodError Guest::CmsComponentsController#home_screen_cms_sections (45598).
  • Reservation Creation:  Internal server error on summary screen (46147).
  • AR Migration script failed (45791).
  • AR: Correct script, place PAID invoices in the correct balances based on the payment allocation type (45760).
  • AR: Internal server error on AR transactions tab after creating account (45569).
  • No data is shown in balance tab when the bill om page two is completely paid off (45454).
  • AR Transactions: The “close” button is not present in the search box (45342).
  • Internal server error when opening the AR transactions tab for a newly created AR account (45227).
  • Overlay: The third-party PMS’s date change is not reflected in Rover (45128).
  • We do not allow the user to delete a custom payment method if the payment method is already linked to another bill(s) - (44939).
  • Rate Issue: Rover is not updating the reservation date with the corporate rate date (44939).
  • Rover cannot expand charges on line items in the AR Account (39707).
  • AR: Reference text and total charges display in the same style as other charges on the page (39189).