Daily Production by Room Type

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Daily Production by Room Type

The Daily Production by Room Type Report provides your property with an indication as to which rooms produce the most and least revenue for a date or date range. This report includes a count for the number of occupied and available rooms for the queried date. 

Include Tax?

By default, taxes are excluded from this report. However, to include taxes, simply (1) uncheck Exclude Tax from the filter settings on the Reports page or (2) select the gray tab on the bottom left of the Daily Production by Rate page to reveal the hidden configuration menu and uncheck Exclude Tax from there. 

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Each of your property's rooms will appear in the left hand column of the report. 



Easily locate Forecast Room Revenue, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and Actual Room Revenue in the top left hand corner of the page. 


Forecast Room Revenue 

  • This number indicates the total room revenue predicated for future dates based on the queried date period. Taxes will only display if the Exclude Tax filter is unchecked. 


  • The room revenue divided by the number of occupied rooms

Actual Room Revenue 

  • This number is the total room revenue for past dates based on the queried date period. 

Availability Toggle: 

  • Allows you to hide Rooms Occupied and Rooms Available.


Revenue Toggle:

  • Allows you to hide Forecast Room Revenue, ADR, and Actual Room Revenue.



Rooms Occ (Occupied) 

  • The number of rooms that are occupied for this rate code. 

Rooms Available 

  • The number of rooms available in the hotel on the given day (not including Out of Order rooms). 

Forecast Room Revenue  

  • The total room revenue forecasted for future dates.


  • Room revenue divided by the number of occupied rooms.

Actual Room Revenue 

  • This column displays the room revenue values for dates in the past. 


1. Date Range 
  • Select a date or date range.

2. Options(s)
  • Choose to include cancelled and/or no show reservations. 

3. Rate Type
  • Check the boxes beside each Rate Type you know you'd like to generate a report for. 

4. Display(s)
  • The Displays also space stands for Rates. You can choose to filter a report for different Rates in this section.

5. Exclude 
  • Uncheck the box beside Exclude Taxes to reveal a report that INCLUDES taxes. 


Lastly, you have the option to choose to "show" the report based on your configurations as well as export a .csv file of the report.



Specify your report's configuration options and click show.



Or click the the export button to download a .csv file of the report. The export button appears in two places: (1) at the bottom of the report parameters and (2) in the right hand corner of the report. 


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