Custom Text for Direct Bill Payments

Modified on: Tue, 29 Jan, 2019 at 8:41 AM

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Custom Text for Direct Bill Payments

As a result of V1.23 release, for those reservations with Direct Billing configured, (1) Direct Billing will no longer appear on the list of charge descriptions on the invoice, and (2) the balance will be calculated correctly (i.e., a "balance owed" will appear if the Direct Bill payment is still being processed by A/R). This update applies to both Guest Bills and Account Bills

Additionally, it is possible to configure custom text to appear on the invoice (above the footer) when the Direct Bill charges are being transferred to A/R.


Step 1. Navigate to Stationery

  • Once logged into Rover, click Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationery


Step 2. Locate Customize Guest Bill

  • Scroll down to the Customize Guest Bill section on this page.


  • Then, below the Custom Text (header and footer section), there will be a space titled A/R Invoice Billing Text below the Header and Footer sections.
  • Enter any custom text/message you would like to see appear on the Guest Bill/Account Bill

                o  Example: A/R Invoice Billing Text 

                o  You may choose to leave this section blank, as well. 


Example Invoice:


Note: If printing or emailing from the Guest Bill page, make sure you have the correct bill selected. 


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