Market Segment Statistics Report

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Market Segment Statistics Report

The different channels through which your property obtains reservations are tracked in the Market Segment Statistics Report. Use this report to analyze statistics and trends to better determine which channels generate the most revenue for your property. Please note that this report can only be run for a date in the past. 

How is this Information Tracked in Rover? 

During reservation creation, Rover can be configured to collect market source information (markets, sources, origin of booking, segments) from the Settings > Reservations pageWhen enabled, the front desk agent is required to enter these details during reservation creation to confirm the guest’s reservation. The information is also stored on the reservation’s Stay Card under the Additional Details section. 




Running across the top of the page, easily locate the Total Revenue for the Day, Total Revenue for MTD (Month to Date), and Total Revenue YTD (Year to Date). 

Below the Header of the report, Rover calculates a number for Room Revenue, Other Revenue, Bookings, ALOS (Average Length of Stay), Room Nights, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and (Occupancy Percentage). This information is generated for the following: Today (or the date selected if you choose to generate a report for a day in the past), MTD, and YTD. 

Room Revenue:

  • Each column lists the revenue generated for that particular market code type and is based on the revenue for all Charge Code Types saved as “Room.” 
  • If a transaction does not have a market code associated with it, the value will be listed separately as undefined. 

Other Revenue: 

  • Any revenue that is not room revenue, payment, or tax (unless include tax is selected in the report configuration settings).


  • Total number of reservations that apply to each market code.
  • This report only calculates cancellations and no shows if specified in the filter settings.
  • Reservations without a market code are listed as undefined. 

ALOS (Average Length of Stay):
  • The total number of room nights divided by the total number of bookings/reservations. 

Room Nights:

  • Total number of stayovers calculated for each market code type.
  • This report only calculates cancellations and no-shows if specified in the filter settings.
  • Reservations without a market code are listed as undefined. 

ADR (Average Daily Rate):

  • The number is calculated as the total revenue divided by total stayovers. 

% (Occupancy Percentage): 

  • The percentage for each column (Today, MTD, YTD) is determined by taking the number of stayovers divided by the total number of rooms at the hotel. 


  • The total for each column is listed at the bottom of the report.


1. Filter by Date/Date Range

  • Select a date or date range in the past. 

2. Option(s)

  • Include or exclude cancellations, no-shows, and/or taxes. 

3. Displays(s)

  • Include or exclude the Market, Source, Origin, and/or Segment.


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