Vacant Rooms Report

Modified on: Mon, 9 Dec, 2019 at 8:09 AM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

Vacant Rooms Report

The Vacant Rooms Report tracks the total number of vacant rooms for a particular date or date range at your property. The report will only calculate rooms that have been vacant for an entire day, which means the rooms need to be vacant, at which point, EOD will run, and it will be calculated.

This report allows users to sort by:  

  • Room Number
  • Room Type
  • No of Days Vacant 
  • Last Check Out Date
  • Min. Days Not Occupied

                 o  Example: (90) Min. Days Not Occupied


How to Read This Report

Use the header at the top of the page to read this report. Each column is clearly labeled as:

  1. Room Number
  2. Room Type
  3. No (number) of Days Vacant
  4. Last Check Out Date


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