Mobile Check-In Now Report

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Mobile Check-In Now Report

The Mobile Check-In Now report tracks guests’ check-in activity when they have a choice to either "Check-In Now" or "Check-In Later". "Check-In Now" allows the guest to do an immediate check-in. This is meant for when the guest is on premise and looking to gain access to their room as soon as possible. 

"Check-In Later" allows the guest to provide a future arrival time and receive their room ready notification at that time. The ability to offer "Check-In Now" is not yet available to all StayNTouch customers.


Arrivals: The total number of reservations for a specified day.

Starting Arrivals: The number of reservations that started a mobile check-in. We identify the reservations as starting once they reach the "Reservations Details" or "Trip Details" screen.

Mobile Check-In Now: The number of Starting Arrivals that chose to "Check-In Now". 

Mobile Check-In Now Conversion: The percentage of Starting Arrivals that chose to "Check-In Now". 

Mobile Check-In: The number of Starting Arrivals that chose "Check-In Later".

Mobile Check-In Conversion: The percentage of Starting Arrivals that chose "Check-In Later'". 

Note: This report does include cancellations and no show reservations in the counts for Arrivals, Starting Arrivals, and Mobile Check-Ins. 



1. Filter by Date/Date Range
  • Select a date or date range. 

2. Filter by Origin
  • Email from Hotel: The primary guest on the reservation receives an email invite from the Hotel that allows the guest to start a check-in. 
  • Email from Guest: The guest follows a specific URL to begin a check-in. Setup occurs in Rover Settings  (Settings > Zest > Email from Guest). 
  • SMS from Guest: The guest starts check-in with text messaging
  • Direct URL: The guest follows a specific URL path to begin a check-in. Different URL paths can be configured in Rover Settings (Zest > Settings > Direct URL).

3. Filter by URL 
  • Choose to filter the search results for a particular URL path.


Lastly, you have the option to choose to "show" the report based on your configurations as well as export a .csv file of the report.

Specify your report's configuration options and click show.


Or click the the export button to download a .csv file of the report. The export button appears in two places: (1) at the bottom of the Forecast Configure Report and (2) in the right hand corner of the Forecast Report.


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