Rover Overlay - New Features Added (Release notes v1.12.0)

Modified on: Mon, 21 Sep, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

The following new features were released in Rover PMS as part of today's system update. 

  • Zest Web Check-in Address Verification 
  • Gift Card Payment  
  • Guest Nationality & ID Fields  

Please share with all Rover users.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like to request new features for your property. 

Thank you,

The StayNTouch Team


blob1442800161587.pngOn the Guest Profile, the address may be missing, is incorrect or belongs to a third party. To address this, it is now possible during Zest Web Check-in to for guests to confirm that their address is correct or enter/update it if necessary. 

After Trip Details are confirmed and before asking for the estimated arrival time, an additional screen can be added for address verification. Information entered on this screen will update into Rover and the PMS for overlay properties.

After the page has been designed for your hotel, the option to 'ASK GUEST ADDRESS DETAILS' can be turned ON/OFF in Settings -> Zest -> Check In. 

Please Note: If you would like to include the additional guest address verification screen as part of the Zest Web Check-in process, please send a request to An additional web page will need to be created for your hotel.

blob1442800447930.pngFor hotels using Givex Gift Cards, Rover now has the ability to read the amount available on the gift card and use it as payment on a reservation. Once the gift card has been set up in Rover as a payment method, it will be possible enter the gift card number on the payment screen in order to: 

  • Look up amount available on gift card  
  • Apply a portion or the entire amount available as a payment on the guest reservation 
  • Update PMS with the paid amount using the gift card 
  • Update Givex with the new balance remaining

Please Note: Integration is currently available for the Givex Gift Card program. If your hotel uses Givex and you would like to request integration, please email


The following fields have been added to the Guest Profile Card to record:   


  • Nationality 
  • ID Type (e.g., ID Card, Driver's License, Passport)
  • ID Number (free format text entry field)

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