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Rover Housekeeping Room Status Updates 

The Room Status page provides a snapshot view of all the hotel’s rooms. Users will access this page to review a complete list of rooms, filter through room types, as well as open the Room Details page (which is where users update rooms with a ready/not ready status).

Locate the Room Status Page 

From a desktop or tablet:
  • Navigate to the Room Status page from the Sidebar Menu > Housekeeping > Room Status.

  • Or access the Room Status page by selecting any of the Rooms quick link buttons on the Dashboard. 

If using a smartphone:
  • Login from your phone, select Housekeeping > Room Status.

Icons, Symbols, and Arrangement

Legend of Rover Icons
Everyone should be familiar with Rover’s icons, colors, and symbols. Take a peak at our article here

Icon Arrangement: 
Users will notice there are two running columns with icons on the Room Status page. 
  • Left Icon: The left icon will display a symbol based on the room's current reservation status (arriving, departing, stayover, mobile check-in, etc.) 
  • Right Icon: The right icon, however, will show an arriving guest icon (green arriving arrow or orange mobile-check-in) if the room has been pre-assigned to an arriving reservation. (For reservations in stayover status, the right icon will always be grey.)

Room Status Cues 

You will notice that beside the status icons, certain rooms display the words IN, OUT, or nothing at all. The presence or absence of this information indicates to the user if the room is vacant or occupied.

  • IN/OUT: 

  • Neither/Blank: 

  • Vacant/Occupied:  
  Vacant rooms will always display a "vacant" message to the right of the page, while occupied rooms display the guest avatar.

Room Details: Guest, Work, and Room Tab

From the Room Status page, select a room number to access the Room Details page. All of the room's status information will load in real time on this screen. Use the tabs in the right hand corner of this page (Guest, Work, Room) to manage the room's Ready/Not Ready status in Rover. 

Room Details Tabs:

Guest: Use the Guest tab to check if the room is vacant or occupied.  

Work: Use the Work tab to update the room's Ready/Not Ready status. 

Room: Use the Room tab to put a room into In Service, Out of Order, or Out of Service.

Download Rover Web App

In addition to accessing Rover from a desktop computer or tablet, the Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff can also use a mobile device to login to Rover. 

Get the Quick Link: A quick link icon (also referred to as a web app) can be added to your mobile device’s home screen, allowing immediate access to Rover after login. Learn how to add Rover’s Web App to your home screen here

How to Perform a Housekeeping Check-Out 

From the Room Details > Guest tab, there is a Housekeeping Check-out button that will appear for the current date’s due-out rooms. 

  • Sometimes due-out guests perform a "walk-out departure," where they leave the hotel on their departure date without notifying the front desk that they are checking out. 
  • As a result, the room is empty, but in Rover, the room displays an occupied status. To counteract this occurrence, we’ve added a Housekeeping Check-out button that allows housekeeping staff to “check out” the guest, and proceed to clean the room for the next arriving reservation. 

  • To perform a successful Housekeeping Check-out, there has to be a zero balance on the guest's account OR a payment method needs to be on file (such as a credit card or direct billing has been configured). If there is a balance due on the account, the front desk agent will need to handle the check-out (see notification above).
  • Additionally, this Housekeeping Check-out feature is permission driven and can be added/removed by Hotel Admin from the Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions.

Enable Room Status Update Upon Check-out

When a room is checked out, the status of the room automatically changes to Dirty. With the Enable Room Status Update at Check-out, a front desk agent can update the room's status from Not Ready to Ready if necessary. 

Read more about enabling this setting during check-in here

Search, Filter, and More Buttons

Learn about the different buttons and search tools that appear on the Room Status page.  

Refresh Button: 

Click the Refresh Button to prompt Rover to refresh the page. This will ensure the information you are viewing is as up-to-date as possible. 

Search Bar: 

The Search Bar will help you quickly locate rooms by room number. Simply begin typing, and any matching search criteria will display for selection. 

Print Button: 

Select the Print Button to print a list of the property’s rooms. If printing from a mobile, you need to first be connected to AirPrint.

Filter Icon:  

Select the Filter Icon when you need Rover to pull specific list of rooms based on their search criteria. Search by Floor Type, Room Type, Housekeeping Status, Reservation Status, and Front Office Status. 

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