Key Interfaces That Connect via Comtrol

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Key Interfaces That Connect via Comtrol

Often, we receive calls from clients with complaints that their key system is down, and typically, they do not understand their key system configuration.

Key Vendor (e.g., Assa Abloy): Connects to Comtrol Interface PC (on property)

1st Question: If the property is not able to create keys via Rover, are they able to create keys directly in the key system?
  • If they are not, they have an issue with the Key Vendor and need to reach out to the Key Vendor Support.
  • If they are able to create a key directly in the key system but not in Rover, the next step is to restart the Key Vendor PC. There are Windows services that work with remote key encoding, and sometimes those services may go down. A restart of the PC should resolve the issue. They will then need to test creating a key in Rover.

2nd Question: If the key does not work after a restart of the key system, what should you do? 
  • You will need to connect to the Comtrol Interface PC.
  • Ask the property to locate the Comtrol Interface PC, and you can send them a Bomgar Remote Connection Link.
  • Properties need to be aware that if there is any issue with the Comtrol Interface PC, none of the interfaces will work. Rover always needs to be running and connected to the property's network.
  • The last resort would be to go through Comtrol PC Troubleshooting Protocol.

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