Lightspeed Mapping Reconfiguration

Modified on: Thu, 5 Mar, 2020 at 11:41 AM

Applies to:       Rover PMS    Rover Overlay

Lightspeed Mapping Reconfiguration


Properties using the Lightspeed POS interface installed before October 2018 have an older configuration that requires manual data input for Lightspeed items in the External Mappings section. This in turn necessitates the following:

  • Correct spelling and proper casing of all items is required.
  • New Lightspeed menu items need to be mapped in Rover PMS.

The latest release of Lightspeed eliminates the need for manual data entry. To review your current mapping, go to Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations > Lightspeed POS.

As of yet, we do not have the option to create a report of current mappings. You can, however, copy and paste current mappings into an Excel File. To do so, set the view to 100 (this is the max).

Then, copy and paste the data into an Excel document. This will allow the property to view what is and what is not currently set up—in addition to incorrect entries. Any missing or incorrect entries will be sent to the default charge code, which is configured in Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations > Lightspeed POS > DEFAULT CHARGE CODE.


Our new mapping configuration ensures that all charges are mapped correctly. Below are the new procedures for Lightspeed:

  • All items in Lightspeed are sent without manual data entry. 
  • Any new menu items added in Lightspeed POS need to be mapped.
  • Verify all F&B charge codes in Rover PMS have the correct tax, as Lightspeed sends only pre-tax charges.
  • Any missing mappings are sent to the default charge code.
  • Account numbers for non-room charges need to be reviewed nightly, and a new account should be created at least once a month.
  • Payment mappings need to be created in the old format using External Mapping.


  • The new tool pulls all current configuration into Rover PMS, alleviating the need for manual data entry.
  • Select the charge code to which you want items mapped. The system will show all current charge codes. We recommend creating a master list with charge code descriptions.
  • You can drag and drop Lightspeed options to the charge code needed.
  • Save after adding mapping per charge code group.

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