How to Edit a Room's Status

Modified on: Tue, 26 Nov, 2019 at 2:22 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

How to Edit a Room's Status

With the Purple Pencil Icon

From the Room Status page, you can quickly update a room’s room status and/or service status. You can do this for one or multiple rooms

Room Status: 

Clean, Dirty, Inspected, Pickup 

Service Status: 

In Service, Out of Service, Out of Order 


Begin by navigating to the Room Status page: Sidebar Menu > Housekeeping > Room Status

Select the white box below the Availability icon.

This will reveal the purple “edit” pencil icon. 

Rover will automatically select ALL of the rooms you are currently viewing. 

You can deselect rooms one by one. 

OR you can FIRST retrieve a specific list of rooms with the filter icon. 

THEN, select the white box and choose the purple pencil icon.   

Next, proceed to update the Room Status and/or Service Status

Room Status: 

  • Choose Room Status. 

  • Choose one of the options below (only properties that use the inspected or pickup status will see those options as illustrated below).

  • Then choose Confirm. 

Service Status: 

  • Choose Service Status. 

  • Choose one of the options available (In Service, Out of Service, Out of Order). 

  • Then choose Update. 

Success! Rover will update the room/service status accordingly. 

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