Promo Code: Setup and Reservation Creation

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Promo Code: Setup and Reservation Creation 

Promo codes are useful when creating reservations that qualify for a specific rate. Scroll down to learn how to:

(Part 1) Create/assign a promo code  

(Part 2) Create a reservation with a promo code


Step 1. Create a Rate

  • In Rover, promo codes are assigned to rates.
  • You will need to assign a promo code to a unique rate. 
  • If you don't already have a rate setup, learn how to configure a base rate here

Promo Code/Rate Functionality: 

  • If you assign a promo code to a rate, the rate will only appear for selection when a user enters the associated promo code.
  • Promotional rates are not available for daily use (they are dependent on their promo code; the promo code must be entered during reservation creation [illustrated in Part 2 below]).  
  • For this reason, we strongly recommend creating a unique rate that will be used strictly as a promotional rate.

A Note About Discounts: 

  • Rate vs Promo: You can choose to set the discount on the rate (and then set the promo to 0% discount) OR you can set the discount on the promotion
  • Either way, be sure you only apply the discount to one of these (the rate or promo) - or you will end up duplicating the discount's amount. 
  • In this example, we will be demonstrating applying a discount to the promotion

Step 2. Setup the Promotion 

  • Next, navigate to Settings > Rates > Promotions
  • Enter the following details for your promo code:
    • Name: Assign a name to your promo.
    • From Date / To Date: Enter a start date and and end date that the promo will be available. 
    • Description: Describe the promotion. 
    • Discount Amount: Apply a percentage amount (10%, 15%, etc.) Do make sure the rate itself does not already have a discount (or you will be applying a double discount to the reservation). 
    • Discount Type: Set to percentage. 
    • Assign: Drag and drop the rate(s) you would like to assign this promo code to.
    • Add: Make sure to click Add at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. Enable Promotions 

  • Verify that the promotion toggle is set to ON. 


Step 4. Create a Reservation

  • In Rover, select the Sidebar Menu > Front Desk > Create Reservation.

Step 5. Enter the Promo Code

  • Enter the promo code during the reservation creation process in the space provided.

  • From the Room & Rates page, the promotional rate will appear under the Recommended tab. 
  • The note promotion should appear beside the rate. 

Step 6. Confirm Reservation 

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