Suppressed Rates Setup (Contract Rates)

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Suppressed Rate

Enable a Suppressed Rate to conceal a rate from the guest’s view (as well as the Rover-user’s view, depending on their permission settings). Learn how to manage the Suppressed Rate permission setting here. If you'd like to know how to suppress a public rate, click here.  

When a rate is suppressed, the rate’s amount/price will be hidden. A “SR” note will appear on the Stay Card and Guest Bill page.



  1. To setup a Company Card or Travel Agent Card (if one has not been created already).

  2. A contract rate assigned to the Company Card or Travel Agent Card

    • NOTE: On the Company Card or Travel Agent Card, contract rates are built from base rates. The base rate selected for the contract (where the red arrow is pointing) needs to have a charge code type of “room” assigned to it.

  • To manage this, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rates > Rate Details, to verify the rate’s charge code.  


Step 1. Enable Suppressed Rate 

Note: Both of the settings below needs to be turned ON to hide the rate. 

  • (1) Toggle ON the Suppressed Rate setting (located here: Settings > Rates > Rates > Additional Details). 

  • (2) From the Company Card or Travel Agent Card, toggle ON the SHOW ON GUEST BILL setting.  

Step 2. Create a reservation (include Company/Travel Agent). 

  • From the sidebar menu, select Front Desk > Create Reservation. 

  • Type the details of the guest’s stay. 

  • Enter the name of Company Card or Travel Agent Card associated with the Suppressed Rate. This ensures the rate is readily available for selection on the Rooms & Rates page (explained in the next step).   

Step 3. Assign the Suppressed Rate (SR). 

  • Once on the Room & Rates page, book the SR rate. Rover will automatically display this rate under the Recommended tab (if a company/travel agent was entered in the Company / T.A. / Group / Allotment field in the previous step). 

Step 4. Complete Booking Reservation 

  • Complete the booking process and confirm the guest’s reservation. 

Step 5. Review Stay Card.

  • Next, navigate to the reservation’s Stay Card. The Stay Card will display an SR note in place of the rate.

  • View Rate: The ability to view the SR rate is restricted based on the user’s permission settings. Learn more here

Step 6. Navigate to the Guest Bill page.

  • Next, navigate to the Guest Bill page (select Stay Card > Bill & Charges button). 

Step 7.  Move room charges to a new bill window.

  • Move any room charges to the 2nd bill window. 

  • IMPORTANT: Any charges on the same bill window as the room charge will be hidden with an SR note. (For example, in the screenshot below the room charge AND taxes are hidden with a SR note.)

  • The invoice will display $0.00 in place of the SR note. 

Step 8.  Move incidental charges to a separate bill window.

  • Move all incidentals to the 1st bill window. Any charges and the corresponding prices will be clearly listed here. 

Step 9. Success!

  • Nice work! Your Suppressed Rate is now ready! 

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