Need a column on Business on the Books report showing group pick-up revenue.

Hi all, is it possible to have a business on the books report for groups show separately the revenue for picked up rooms and not picked up rooms and also not have both combined revenue as it is showing now? 

The total hotel revenue on the Business on the Books is showing the combined revenue for transient, pickup rooms AND "HELD" rooms in the room block.  These are not accurate numbers.  Hotel totals should ONLY reflect the current booked rooms (transient AND pickup group rooms.)  Not the held non-picked up rooms in all the room blocks.  Every revenue total is currently not correct for future dates.  Please add a column on the BOTB report showing revenue for picked up rooms from group and then add that $$ number to the hotel totals for accurate reporting.  

Currently the BOB shows group picked up, not picked up and combined revenue. This group BOTB should split the revenue column - i.e. show revenue for picked up group rooms versus the revenue for non picked up group rooms and then only combined picked up group revenue with actual hotel transient revenue.  It is impossible to show accurate revenue and ADR for the hotel for future months.



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