Option to turn off key creation pop up during add to Queue process

When hotels use the Queue functionality, they are generally doing so because the room is not ready to check in.

Currently, at the end of the add-to-queue process, the key creation pop up occurs when there is a key system integrated. This is irritating for hotels because the room is not ready and might even still be occupied, so they generally do not want to cut a key at this time and would rather wait until the room is ready to check in to.

Pivot Hotels / Davidson Hospitality would like to see an enhancement that allows the hotel to select whether they would like the key creation pop up to appear or not during the add to queue process.

SNT Team

PUBLIC Hotels would also like to see this enhancement.

SNT Team

PUBLIC would also like for there to be an option to turn off signature capture in queue since the guest isn't being fully pre-registered.

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